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  1. Kimberly Deering says:

    ok im a freshmen at morton high school.. this is the first snow day that we had since the ice storm 2 years back. i have some picture that i want to upload here but i cant seem to do so. i will say in my mind and the way that my mom talks about the blizzared of 67, this is nothing close to that! We were literaly snowed in this morning!

    1. Denise Steinbauer Kober Meyer says:

      Don’t feel too bad….I had some awesome shots and DID get them uploaded and they aren’t on here. CBS must have only put a few up anyway. I agree with you so much on the fact that even tho I was alive in ’67, I just don’t remember it being like this!!!!!!
      Happy Blizzard 2011!

  2. Mary Ekern says:

    #37 is the best photo!

  3. Kim says:

    The eagle is beautiful. So majestic. Thank you!

  4. Michael Johnson says:

    How am I suppose to get in there house.

    1. Coltin says:

      Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-eaxctly as information should be!

  5. Ken Watson says:

    Snowmageddon 2011 is definetly in the books and this is the 3rd blizzard in 32 years I ever been through.

  6. Rosalyn Christian says:

    In 1967 I was 15 years old when the blizzrd hit, I was young and happy to see all the snow. But, It tell you that I am now 58 and it ain’t no JOKE!!!

  7. Candice Jeferson says:

    It’a amazing how when I was a little girl my dad use to always tell me about the snow storm of 1967, and now my daughter has a story to tell her kids. “The Blizzard of 2011.”

  8. Denise Steinbauer Kober Meyer says:

    Would have loved CBS to have posted one of mine! I have pictures of drifts that where almost as tall as our GARAGE, one that showed the drift so high out the front door that you could barely see anything, and a pic of just the very top of our Jeep showing. Oh well, my friends on Facebook saw them….guess that’s all that really matters.

  9. Kimberly R. Davis says:

    I live in the South Shore area 73rd and Phillips Ave. Our street is impassable no one is able to get down our street. There are seniors on the block and I have not seen one police truck or the fire company that is the next block over come by today at all. We need the plows over here bad. I am disabled and walk with a cane & cannot walk 3 blocks to the train station on 71st & Exchange. I hear all the stories about the Northside, River East & the Gold Coast, but nothing on the South East side. I want to go to work tomorrow but I can’t get out.

  10. Snowbunny says:

    I have SAVED all photos from every website….CBS, Tribune, Sun-Times, etc. I want to save all of this for my kids! Thanks to all who took pictures, lots of memories!

  11. Rose Ray says:

    The blizzard of 2011 has come and gone we are known as the mother of all Chicago snowstorms,” But around here, 20 inches, or more it doesn’t stop us. “Even when the snow stops falling, the temperature will keep dropping. Chicagoans are always on the go…winter will be blasting through, lifetime experiences stay with us always like the blizzard of “79”.

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