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  1. SB says:

    I recently started watching “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s” and Rob on “Dancing with the Stars,” but no more! This is a farce. How embarrassing to go to this length, the blessing of matrimony, at a gross expense of wedding to file for divorce shortly thereafter. I wonder if their vows said something like “to have, and to hold onto these few weeks forward, for our bread and butter money we make from filming this wedding, to divorce do us part, in a short period of time.” I am no longer watching their shows, buying their products, etc. They are trash! And, Kim just proved it! Way to go Kim. However, I was waiting to see if Kim would get pregnant first, to see how large your can would get. Darn!

  2. Dylan says:

    Can’t understand why people watch and get into this garbage. She has NO talent, she’s not that good looking, (to me she is a dog) plus for all that money the family has, they seem like a bunch of brainless idiots. Jenner, how about one more face lift?
    And this idiot that married her, he is a fool. (And not that good looking or talented either.) More forehead please.


  3. lilian p says:

    First of all why are they famous? their dad is not them. There are so maney things to do, and better shows to watch than spending time watching someone else’s life! Specially considering that some gullible teens aspire to be them. Of course this is another form ofgosip. It’s an embarassment to be maried for that long… i think this is just to make money. They are spoiled little brats that need to get a grip, and do something useful of their lifes.

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