1. Dylan says:

    These award shows are a joke. What ever happened to talent? What happened to quality songwriting? The music is back to disco. Songs sound like music you work out too. And we all need 20 dancers so people to pay attention to the talent.
    Come on, Justin Beiber, the rapper with the pink hair, J-Lo(w) doing a car ad, that’s not music, they can’t even sing without the aid of electronics. Boring. Same goes for Taylor (no so) Swift. Cute, no, sexy, definitely NO, and a poor songwriting ability. Most of the music today will be forgotten tomorrow. Pitbull, another loser with no talent. Why didn’t the Kardashians or Hilton get an award for their great singing ability?

    For these type of “musicians” the marketing is the most important, doesn’t matter about the singing or writing ability. And dumb people buy into it. Same people watch the idiotic reality shows too.

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