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Presidential Candidates Making Funny FacesNo biases here, just funny faces. Hopefully this will serve as a much needed break from the large amount of election coverage barraging your TV screen.
NATO Protests: May 21stProtesters marching to Obama's campaign headquarters, located in Chicago's Prudential Buildings. (credit: Mason Johnson/CBS)
NATO Protests & Marches: May 20thPolice and NATO protesters clashed multiple times in Chicago on May 20th. Protesters started the day with speeches in Grant Park, then marched to McCormick Place. After being forced from McCormick, protesters took to the loop to march throughout the night...
NATO Protest Downtown March May 18NATO protesters had an impromptu march down Jackson, stopping at Michigan and Congress. (credit: Mason Johnson/CBS Chicago)
NATO Nurses Protest Daley Plaza May 18thNational Nurses United protested NATO and G8 by protesting at Daley Plaza on May 18th. With nearly a thousand protesters in attendance, they wore green in support of the Robin Hood tax. One of many speakers was Tom Morello, previously of Rage Against the Machine. (credit: CBS/Mason Johnson)
NATO Protests May 17thNATO protesters were outside Prudential Plaza, 180 N. Stetson, on May 17th, the Chicago campaign headquarters for President Obama. (credit: CBS/Mason Johnson)
Comcast Business Class Newsmakers Series featuring James Carville & Ari FleischerFriday, March 23rd, 2012, Newsmakers Series, The Race To The Presidency, Featuring James Carville & Ari Fleischer. Former White House insiders James Carville and Ari Fleischer debated the process, and the candidates for the Race to the Presidency. (credit: CBS)
The Protester: Time Magazine's Person Of The YearThe Protester is 2011's Time Magazine Person of the Year. How do you feel about this? Protests for Occupy Chicago are still going strong, are you for, or against them? Share your thoughts in the comment section!
City Hall: OCCUPIEDOccupy Chicago took their fight to City Hall today, determined to have Mayor Emanuel hear their message. Their demands were heard clearly as they shouted, "drop the charges!" The message was simple: they wanted the protesters who'd been arrested in Grant Park to have their charges dropped. Other demands covered as they stood in front of the Mayor's Office, like their wish to permanently occupy Chicago without getting arrested in the future, are covered on their website, (credit: Mason Johnson/CBS Local)
Occupy Chicago: Unstoppable Force Or Immovable Object?Occupy Chicago's numbers have risen, and with more people, come more marches. Take a look and see what people are marching for.
Bill Clinton In ChicagoPresident Bill Clinton attended Chicago Ideas Week on October 11, 2011.
Rod Blagojevich's Home For Sale"Virtual tour" through the home of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich. On sale now for a mere 1.07 million. (credit: VHT Inc.)
Occupy ChicagoPhotos of Occupy Chicago, the political demonstration taking place in front of the Federal Reserve Bank...
Mayor Emanuel Talks Triathlon With XRT

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