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2 Investigators: Cook County’s Lawsuit Problem

County government has spent more than $186 million to settle or satisfy 2,100 lawsuits since 2012. Payouts are expected to soar in coming years. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.


2 Investigators: The Unsolved 1956 Murder Of The Grimes Sisters

2 Investigator Brad Edwards recently caught up with some people who haven’t lost hope that the killer will be found.  


2 Investigators: ‘Free Trial’ Fraud

Scammers are taking consumers for millions of dollars a year with a simple strategy. CBS 2’s Pam Zekman reports.


2 Investigators: Tire Bits In Soccer Turf Concern Parents

Crumb rubber made from recycled tires contains potentially cancer-causing materials. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.


2 Investigators: Where Light Poles May Fall Next

Falling light poles have injured people and damaged property in Chicago. CBS 2’s Dave Savini reports.


Charity Adviser Hit With Fraud Charges

Althea Taylor allegedly collected thousands of dollars to help aspiring businesses and charities get government approvals but failed to do the work.


First Tests May Put Cracks In ‘Toxic Windows’ Theory Around Airports

Environmental engineers say a sampling of windows don’t trigger any potential “health effects.” CBS 2’s Pam Zekman reports.


2 Investigators: Western Union Offers Refunds To Scam Victims

A settlement deal Western Union made with the feds could put some money back in your pocket, if you were a victim.


2 Investigators: Wedding Planner Leaves Couple High And Dry

Sean and Lauren Burnetter almost had to cancel their wedding because they say the person they paid to plan the event took off with their money nine days before the big day.


2 Investigators: Sex Harassment Settlement Unravels

A deal is a deal. Until it’s not. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards investigates complaints against a former police official in St. John, Ind.


Freezing Battery Victim Waits 27 Minutes For Chicago Ambulance

Help is on the way, the Emanuel Administration insists following several reports about excessive waiting times for ambulances. CBS 2’s Pam Zekman has this follow-up report.


2 Investigators: Nursing Patient’s Last Days Included STD

Bedridden Letasha Mims was not able to consent to sex, her mother says. CBS 2’s Dave Savini reports.


Cops Out In Force This Holiday Weekend

The terror attacks in Europe appear to have influenced security plans for New Year’s Eve in Chicago. CBS 2’s Dave Savini reports.


Mayor Must Intervene In Ambulance Shortage, Inspector General Says

For years, the 2 Investigators have been reporting on excessive Chicago ambulance response times that can endanger people with medical emergencies.


2 Investigators: 4-Ounce Prescription Cream Costs $645

Federal investigators who are raising questions about possible fraud, abuse and patient safety. CBS 2’s Pam Zekman reports.


2 Investigators: More Unstable Bus Shelters

New potential dangers were found just months after the city of Chicago was ordered to pay $148 million to a young woman left paralyzed when an O’Hare Airport bus shelter fell on top of her.  


Condo Residents Concerned About Flammable Panels

Reynobod PE, which contains a Polyethylene core, is the same kind of exterior metal paneling blamed for helping fuel the fatal fire at Grenfell Tower in London.


Chicago Hotel, Condo Has Flammable Siding Found In London Building Fire

The CBS 2 Investigators have discovered a Chicago building covered with the same type of flammable panels used on the London building destroyed in a deadly fire. 


The Prime Mover Behind River East

2 Investigator Brad Edwards reached out to developer Dan McLean in hopes of talking about the materials used for River East.


How Many More Chicago High-Rises Have Flammable Panels?

Now, the question – do other Chicago buildings have similar combustible materials?  Dave Savini reports, the city is investigating.


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