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Pam Zekman, Dave Savini and Brad Edwards: Investigations that get results.

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2 Investigators: Credit ‘Repairer’ Is Convicted Felon

Michelle Marshall says she hired Desiree Hawkins-Davis to help improve her credit score. It didn’t happen. CBS 2’s Dave Savini reports.


2 Investigators: Samsung Microwave Catches Fire

That happened to one Chicago area family. Is there a wider problem with this model? CBS 2’s Dave Savini investigates.


2 Investigators: Tax Attorneys Contribute Millions To Berrios Campaign Funds

It’s not illegal, but it’s unseemly, says one political observer. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.


2 Investigators: Sweepstakes Scams Keep Trolling For Victims

The phone call comes. You’ve won $2.5 million. Would you fall for it? CBS 2’s Pam Zekman investigates.


2 Investigators: O’Hare Janitorial Cost Overruns

The 2012 city contract with United Maintenance was for $99.4 million, a payout that has since ballooned by nearly $8 million.


2 Investigators: Cal City Pol Accused Of Misusing Campaign Funds

Money to a future wife. Money to an ex-wife. Meals at Hooters. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports on Thaddeus Jones and the alleged irregularities.


Woman’s Water Service Restored After 2 Investigators Inquire About HUD-Assisted Rental

No water for cooking, doing dishes, showering — or even to use the toilet. This south suburban family turned to CBS 2’s Dave Savini for help.


2 Investigators: Chicago ‘Pedway’ Fraught With Obstacles For The Disabled

The Pedway, built with tax dollars and private money in 1989, is supposed to help pedestrians stay warm and dry while commuting through the city’s central business district.


2 Investigators: Cop In Portillo’s Attack Pistol-Whipped Driver In Different Incident

The off-duty Chicago police officer who beat a man in a River North restaurant while working security also jumped through a sunroof to pistol-whip a motorist. CBS 2’s Dave Savini reports.


2 Investigators: Gun Thefts Continue At Chicago Railyards

In the latest incident, a half-dozen semi-automatic rifles and 27 handguns were reportedly stolen from a rail car near 77th and Avalon. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.


2 Investigators: Synthetic Opiate Brings Death Through The Mail

It is a drug so dangerous, it has never been approved, but anyone can buy it easily online.


2 Investigators: Sham Marriage Drains Elderly Man’s Savings

Ninety-two-year-old Aloysius Mack, who has dementia, was a victim of a form of elder abuse. CBS 2’s Pam Zekman reports.


2 Investigators: Scam Artists Target Millennials With Offers Of College-Debt Relief

Some college grads are falling prey to offers to have their loans consolidated or their payments reduced. CBS 2’s Pam Zekman reports.


2 Investigators: Denver ‘Boot Bandit’ Shakes Down Motorists

But the day of reckoning may be near for James Chard. CBS 2’s Dave Savini reports.


2 Investigators: Water Plant Trespasser Is Released, Then Vanishes

Authorities say Shahroon Augustine entered the Eugene Sawyer Water Purification Plant with a duffle bag and a passport from Pakistan. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.


2 Investigators: Judge Takes Sick Leave For 17 Months, Collects Full Pay

The judge’s claims she was injured during an altercation did not bear out in court. CBS 2’s Pam Zekman reports.


2 Investigators: Suburb Wasted Drug-Forfeiture Money

The feds say the Willow Springs Police Department misused funds to buy a boat and Harley Davidson motorcycles, among other items. CBS 2’s Dave Savini reports.


2 Investigators: Retired Cop Faces More Allegations He Framed Suspects

Allegations of misconduct against former Chicago detective Reynaldo Guevara have already cost taxpayers $21 million. CBS 2’s Pam Zekman reports.


2 Investigators: Machine Gun, Handgun Missing From Suburban Police Department

The shooting range that stored the Uzi machine gun and GLOCK hand gun was once controlled by a troubled Elmwood Park cop. CBS 2’s Dave Savini reports.


2 Investigators: Fake Power Company Extorts Business

A Chicago restaurant received an alarming demand: Pay $1,300 immediately or have the power shut off. CBS 2’s Pam Zekman reports.


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