Hit and Run

Will Ohman

Spiegel: Don’t Overuse The Loogy

Despite what the early results have been, the fact remains that the White Sox bullpen is an embarrassment of riches.

670 The Score–04/04/2011

Carlos Zambrano

Spiegel: Hope & Reason Both Like Big Z

Springtime brings the annual battle between a baseball fan’s heart, and his head. Hope tries, often successfully, to defeat reason as possibilities are envisioned.

670 The Score–03/23/2011

Jim Hendry

Jim Hendry Joins Hit & Run

With only ten days left in spring training, it’s hard to give the Chicago Cubs an identity. Matt Spiegel and Barry Rozner take on that task as they talked with Jim Hendry today on Hit & Run.

670 The Score–03/20/2011

Sean Marshall

Marshall: “Quade Is One Of Us”

When the Cubs’ Lou Piniella stepped down as manager and Mike Quade took over, there was an apparent difference in the team. The Cubs began to win. Now that a new season is about to begin to give Mike Quade a fresh start, they hope things continue to improve.


Mike Quade

Spiegel: Mike Quade’s Risky Play

Mike Quade’s reaction to the spring training dugout scuffle has incensed many. The Cub haters have seized upon it, and many defeatist Cubs fans, expecting a sign that the status quo of losing will reign, have shaken their head in disappointment.

670 The Score–03/03/2011

Jake Peavy

Peavy Reveals Discomfort Started Last Spring

You might think an ankle injury and a torn lat muscle in the back would be unrelated, but not in Jake Peavy’s case.

670 The Score–02/27/2011

General manager Jim Hendry

Hendry Hopes The ‘Final Light Went On’ For Zambrano

As spring training gets underway this week in Mesa, Arizona, it appears General Manager Jim Hendry is once again in Zambrano’s corner and is optimistic for this season.

670 The Score–02/13/2011

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