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Rick Renteria Unveils The ‘White Sox Way’

“The name on the back of the uniform is going to be secondary to the name on the front of the uniform,” Renteria says.

CBS Chicago–01/25/2017

Bears’ Kyle Long Talks Surgery Plans, Calls New Offensive Line Coach Hiring ‘Huge’

Long will have shoulder surgery on Feb. 2.

CBS Chicago–01/18/2017

Rob Manfred On DH In National League: ‘Do Not Foresee Going To A Universal Rule’

“It’s an attachment to the National League brand of baseball, among the National League owners in particular,” Manfred says.

CBS Chicago–10/28/2016

Cubs’ David Ross Stumps For Javier Baez To Win A Gold Glove

“Every time you move him to a different position, he seems to amaze you,” Ross says of Baez.

CBS Chicago–10/14/2016

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer: Can’t Put A Numerical Value On Joe Maddon’s Worth

“With Joe, the tone he sets is so good,” Hoyer says.

CBS Chicago–10/13/2016

Cubs Sent Jason Hammel, Other Relievers To Arizona To Get Stretched Out

The Cubs are weighing whether to add a 12th pitcher to their NLCS roster.

CBS Chicago–10/12/2016

Cubs’ Chris Bosio When Asked About Orioles Not Using Zach Britton: ‘Want To Use All Your Bullets Up’

“You never not want to use your big guns,” Bosio says.

CBS Chicago–10/05/2016

White Sox GM Rick Hahn: We Know Fans Are Open To A Complete Rebuild

“They make it clear that they are completely open-minded,” Hahn says.

CBS Chicago–10/04/2016

Tom Ricketts Recalls Why He Hired Theo Epstein Originally: ‘Living Year To Year Wasn’t Going To Change The Prospects’

“The fans staying with the team through some pretty lean years deserve all the credit,” Ricketts says.

CBS Chicago–09/29/2016

Chris Bosio: Cubs’ Aroldis Chapman On Board For 2 Innings Of Work In Postseason Games

Chapman prefers to be called upon for three-out saves but is up for anything in the playoffs.

CBS Chicago–09/28/2016

Cubs’ David Ross Is Quite Invested In The Cy Young Race Himself

Ross believes Jon Lester is pitching as well as he ever has.

CBS Chicago–09/23/2016

Cubs’ Chris Bosio Lauds Miguel Montero

“Miggy’s one of the best framers in the game,” Bosio says.

CBS Chicago–09/14/2016

Will Cubs Carry 3 Catchers On Postseason Roster? David Ross Is On Board With That

“Everybody brings something different to the table,” Ross says.

CBS Chicago–09/09/2016

Chris Bosio Offering A Glimpse Into Cubs’ Postseason Roster? Pitching Has Carried Us, ‘Offense Is A Luxury’

Bosio hinted at the Cubs carrying 12 pitchers — and maybe three catchers, if it makes the starters happy — on their postseason roster.

CBS Chicago–09/07/2016

Cubs’ David Ross On Addison Russell: ‘Keeps Stepping Up To The Challenge’

“He’s as consistent as a worker as you’ll find,” Ross says of Russell.

CBS Chicago–09/02/2016

Cubs’ Chris Bosio On Kyle Hendricks: ‘An Innovator Out There’

Hendricks sports an MLB-best 2.09 ERA.

CBS Chicago–08/31/2016

Chris Bosio On Cubs’ Defense: ‘Nothing Really Surprises Me’

In spring training, the Cubs conduct defensive drills with a wealth of odd twists.

CBS Chicago–08/17/2016

Cubs VP Of Communications: Fired DJ Made ‘Unintentional’ But ‘Careless, Egregious Mistake’

“There has to be some level of discretion,” Cubs VP of communications Julian Green says.

CBS Chicago–08/16/2016

Don Cooper On Possibility Of White Sox Trading Chris Sale: ‘Don’t Think That’s Going To Happen’

“It’s controlling the moment, it’s controlling the head,” Cooper says of the keys for Sale.

CBS Chicago–07/27/2016

Tom Ricketts: Cubs Comfortable With Adding Aroldis Chapman, Who’s Been ‘Model Citizen’ Lately

“He’s respected the process, he’s said and done the right things,” Ricketts says of Chapman.

CBS Chicago–07/26/2016

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