100 Degrees


Cold Front Brings Relief From Heat, T-Storm Warning

Most of the Chicago area has finally caught a break from the extreme heat, and even see a rip of thunder and a torrent of rain before the day is through.

CBS Chicago–07/18/2012

Extreme Heat

Chicago Falls Just Shy Of Record For Heat

The temperature is once again expected to rise to 100 degrees on Tuesday, and a heat advisory is in effect for the whole area.

CBS Chicago–07/17/2012


Tuesday Will Be Another Day Of Extreme Heat

Chicago was bracing for another 100-degree day, prompting emergency officials to ask residents to take precautions.

CBS Chicago–07/16/2012

Countless people crowded into Lake Michigan. (Credit: CBS)

Parking Lots At 3 Beaches Fill Up As Chicagoans Try To Beat Heat

With countless Chicagoans trying to beat the intense heat in the city by taking a dip in Lake Michigan, officials have closed the parking lots at three popular beaches, after they ran out of space.

CBS Chicago–07/04/2012

(CBS File Photo)

Chicago Temps Match Record At 102; Heat Wave To Last Through Friday

Chicago matched a 101-year-old record on Wednesday, as the official temperature hit 102 degrees in the city.



High To Hit 99; Excessive Heat Watch Coming

The outside world feels like the steam room at your local fitness center again, as the temperature nears 100 degrees for another day.

CBS Chicago–07/03/2012

Extreme Heat

Chicago Hits 100 Degrees For First Time Since 2005

For only the second time in the past seven years, the high temperature in Chicago hit 100 degrees.

CBS Chicago–06/28/2012

A sunrise in Mexico (Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP/Getty Images)

Hottest Days Ever In Chicago

Temperatures of 100 degrees or more in Chicago are actually fairly rare.


Lake Michigan sunrise along North Avenue beach. (Credit: Natalie Cheng/CBS Chicago)

One Of Hottest Days Ever Possible On Thursday

The area could experience something so rare that it has only happened once since 2000: A day when the high temperature cracks 100 degrees.



Unseasonably Cool For Monday, But Extreme Heat Coming This Week

The weather is cool and springlike Monday, but don’t get used to it.

CBS Chicago–06/25/2012

Heat On Beach

Temperatures May Rise To Near 100 In Some Areas

The beaches will soon be closing, the summer festivals are winding down, and parents are preparing to send their kids back to school. But you wouldn’t know it by stepping outside.

CBS Chicago–09/01/2011


Intense Heat Lingers For Another Day

Chicago is being dragged through another day of intense heat, with temperatures again soaring toward the upper 90s.

CBS Chicago–07/21/2011

Hot People

Temperature Hits 100 Degrees In Some Spots

The forecast high for the day is still near the triple digits, and the temperature could even rise to 100.

CBS Chicago–07/20/2011

Generic sun image (Getty Images)

Hot, Humid Weather Headed For Illinois

A scorching heat wave will keep much of Illinois in the 90s this week.


Near-Record Heat Wave Grips U.S. East Coast, Midwest

Dangerous Heat Settling On Chicago Area

The forecast high for today remains 97 degrees. But conditions will be humid and sticky, and the heat index will make it feel like it’s 100 to 105 degrees.

CBS Chicago–07/01/2011

Near-Record Heat Wave Grips U.S. East Coast, Midwest

Temperatures To Approach 100 Degrees Friday

The last time the official temperature exceeded 100 degrees was six years ago, but on Friday, it might happen again.

CBS Chicago–06/30/2011


Sweltering Heat Wave Sets In Across Chicago Area

It’s the hottest day of the year in Chicago, with a forecast just a few degrees short of an all-time record for the day.

CBS Chicago–06/07/2011