Chilly Conditions For Afternoon, 30s For Some Overnight

It’s still technically summer for a few more days, but temperatures on Tuesday are a far cry even from the conditions Chicago saw back in March around St. Patrick’s Day.

CBS Chicago–09/18/2012


Wintry Conditions For Afternoon; Warmup Coming Tuesday

Balmy conditions in the 50s will be back on Tuesday, but it’s still going to feel like winter for the rest of this Pulaski Day Monday.

CBS Chicago–03/05/2012


Chilly Conditions, But Clouds Giving Way To Sunshine

Conditions will remain seasonably chilly Wednesday, but cloudy skies will give way to sunshine as the afternoon goes on.

CBS Chicago–02/08/2012

CBS 2 Weather Forecast

Latest Chicago Weather Forecast

Conditions are expected to remain calm with mostly sunny skies and a high of 38. And on Thursday, the high climbs to a pleasant 46.

CBS Chicago–01/04/2012

Weather Forecast

Latest Chicago Weather Forecast

Temperatures will stay colder than we have seen in recent days, as skies remain cloudy with the occasional peek of sunshine.

CBS Chicago–12/28/2011

Cold Morning

Cold Snap Sets In; Temps To Hover In The 30s

The balmy 70-degree temperatures we saw on Sunday are a distant memory now, as a cold snap sets in and leaves temperatures hovering mostly in the 30s for the next couple of days.

CBS Chicago–11/16/2011

Cold Morning

Some Chicago Area Residents Wake Up To Sub-Freezing Wind Chills

With Chicagoans used to hot summer temperatures, it was a shock to the system to find temperatures in the 30s and wind chill values below freezing in some areas.

CBS Chicago–09/15/2011

Winter In Chicago

Highs In The 30s For Most Of Coming Week

Contrary to the old saying, March seems to be going out like a lion this year.

CBS Chicago–03/25/2011

A city plow clears a residential street. (Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Winter To Make A Comeback For The Next Week

Technically, it is now spring, but this being Chicago, it should come as no surprise that winter weather will make a return in the coming days.

CBS Chicago–03/23/2011