Lake County Coroner Wants Calusinski Murder Case ReopenedAfter “48 Hours” uncovered evidence that casts doubt on the verdict that sent a teacher to prison for the death of a 16-month-old boy, the Lake County Coroner was calling for authorities to reopen the case.
'48 Hours' Examines Daycare Death And Asks: Was Teacher Wrongly Convicted?Police video shows suspect Melissa Calusinski being grilled by Lake Count detectives. Seventy-nine times, over the course of several hours, she denies any involvement in the death of of the toddler. Finally, after some nine hours, she changes her story.
Hadiya Pendleton Murder Part Of '48 Hours' Special: 'The War In Chicago'Four months after Hadiya Pendleton's murder, her parents continue to work toward making Chicago's streets safer.
'48 Hours' Puts Spotlight On 'The War In Chicago'Chicago's street violence will be getting more national attention this weekend.
VIDEO: Cold-Case Convict Denies Killing Sycamore Girl in '57Fifty-four years after the crime, 72-year-old Jack McCullough was arrested for the murder of Maria Ridulph. He talks with "48 Hours."

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