Another 90-Plus Day For Heat-Weary Chicagoans

The heat may feel a little less oppressive today than in it has for much of this week, but temperatures will still be sticky and uncomfortable as they top 90 degrees.

CBS Chicago–07/22/2011


Another Day Of Heat; Worst Still Yet To Come

It’s been hot and sticky for days already, but the worst is yet to come.

CBS Chicago–07/19/2011

Women Run On Hot Day

Dangerous Heat To Hover All Week Long

Sunday was only the beginning. Conditions will be sticky and miserable all week, and officials are advising Chicagoans to watch out for their neighbors who might be at risk.

CBS Chicago–07/18/2011

Near-Record Heat Wave Grips U.S. East Coast, Midwest

Dangerous Heat Settling On Chicago Area

The forecast high for today remains 97 degrees. But conditions will be humid and sticky, and the heat index will make it feel like it’s 100 to 105 degrees.

CBS Chicago–07/01/2011

Near-Record Heat Wave Grips U.S. East Coast, Midwest

Temperatures To Approach 100 Degrees Friday

The last time the official temperature exceeded 100 degrees was six years ago, but on Friday, it might happen again.

CBS Chicago–06/30/2011

Window Fan

Sweltering Heat May Break 78-Year-Old Record

Record-setting temperatures could be coming today, the second day of sweltering heat and humidity in Chicago.

CBS Chicago–06/08/2011