Aaron Rogers

Greg Olsen

Butkus: Bears-Packer Rivalry Has Captured The Country

The Bears-Packers rivalry is the oldest one in the NFL and Hall of Famer Dick Butkus remembers just how that rivalry was during his career.


Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler

Brandmeier: Cutler Needs More Passion

As the biggest game of the Chicago Bears’ season approaches, every Bears’ fan wants to voice their opinion. Chicago radio legend, Jonathon Brandmeier did just that on the Danny Mac Show.

670 The Score–01/19/2011

Tom Brady

Shutting Down Brady, No Easy Task For Bears

Tom Brady is putting together a MVP-caliber season. And despite the expected weather conditions for Sunday’s game, stopping the Patriots’ quarterback will be no easy task for the Bears’ defense.


Gift Pack

I was all but sure that last night’s performance would help me figure out how good this Bears team actually is. The outcome tells me they are the NFC’s only undefeated, and that they have […]


Find the top fantasy quarterbacks

Almost across the board NFL teams are becoming more pass-oriented. As a result of that quarterbacks are beginning to be more and more important in fantasy leagues. With that being said, owners can still hurt […]