An alligator found inside a Chatham apartment during an eviction. (Credit: Cook County Sheriff's Office)

Alligator Found During Eviction At Chatham Apartment

Authorities found a 13-inch long alligator while evicting a tenant from a Chatham neighborhood apartment Wednesday on the South Side.


This alligator was captured by authorities at O'Hare.

Woman Who Abandoned Alligator At O’Hare Charged With Animal Cruelty

The woman who owned an alligator that caused a bit of a stir at O’Hare International Airport in November has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty, for abandoning the reptile at the airport.


A woman seen riding the CTA Blue Line with an alligator (CTA surveillance video)

CTA Releases Images Of Woman Riding Train With Alligator

The CTA is closing in on the last person seen with the alligator that was discovered at O’Hare Airport earlier this month.


This alligator was captured by authorities at O'Hare.

That’s No Alligator Bag At O’Hare Terminal — That’s An Alligator!

Yes, an alligator seemed to appear from nowhere in Terminal 3 at Chicago’s busiest airport on Friday. CBS 2’s Mai Martinez reports.



Indiana Family Watches As Alligator Bites Florida Boat Captain’s Hand Off

An Indiana family on a trip to Florida watched in horror as an airboat captain giving a tour of the Everglades lost his left hand, when a 9-foot alligator bit it off.

CBS Chicago–06/14/2012

Police found this five-foot alligator inside the home of a Cary man this week. (Credit: McHenry County Sheriff's Office)

Alligator Found During Drug Bust In Cary

Police got a bit of a surprise during a drug bust earlier this week.



Alligator Gets Fished Out Of Habitat At Theme Park, Bites Boy

An alligator bit a 7-year-old boy at a theme park in Northwest Indiana over the weekend, after a visitor fished the reptile out of its habitat and invited children to pet it.

CBS Chicago–07/12/2011

This is a screen grab of video Cook County police shot while seizing an alligator from a south suburban home. (Cook County Sheriff's Department)

4-Foot Alligator Was Chick Magnet, South Suburban Man Tells Police

Dewayne Yarbrough kept the alligator in a fish tank at his Ford Heights residence because “chicks dig it,” he told authorities.