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Cocktail Of The Month: Ceres’ Table’s Eggnog

The seriously good Italian-influenced menu at Ceres’ Table is worth a trip to Ravenswood (for the pumpkin ravioli alone!), and the cocktail menu is stacked with well-made drinks. One of their winter drinks, Ceres’ Holiday Eggnog, is a treat even after the holidays are over…



Last Chance: See ‘Crime Unseen’ At MoCP

The images in “Crime Unseen,” the Museum of Contemporary Photography’s latest show, are lurid, dark, and incredibly captivating. Each of the photographers takes pictures of crime scenes, well after the crime has occurred…


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The Southern: Best Comfort Food in Chicago?

When your requirements for brunch are seriously good cocktails, dishes beyond eggs and pancakes, and football on TV, The Southern’s brunch delivers. The Wicker Park restaurant, which serves up, yes, Southern-tinged dishes, offers a well-edited menu of entrees and sides both weekend days.



January Arts Preview

There aren’t enough hours in the day to check out every noteworthy event in Chicago. Check out this quick guide to our five can’t-miss arts picks for January.



Cocktail Of The Month: Rebar’s Le Poire Haute

At the Trump Hotel’s Rebar, inventive sushi rolls and tasty cocktails go hand in hand. At a recent tasting of the new menus, Manager Michael Koury served Le Poire Haute, an elegant blend of pear vodka, amaretto, and pear puree, which you can easily shake up at home to serve at holiday parties.



Local Artist Spotlight: Scott Reeder

The Museum of Contemporary Art recently overhauled its 10-year-old 12 x 12: New Artists/New Work program, transforming the idea into Chicago Works, which will feature art by notable local artists. Kicking off the promising new series is Scott Reeder, a professor of painting and drawing at the School of the Art Institute…



Bertrand Goldberg Retrospective At The Art Institute

You walk among Chicago’s iconic buildings each day, but how much do you know about their history? Bertrand Goldberg: Architecture of Invention, on view at the Art Institute of Chicago through January 15, offers background on some of our most notable buildings as well as an overview of the distinguished architect’s career.


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New Restaurant Roundup: December

With new restaurants opening seemingly every day, how are you supposed to keep track of them all? We’ve rounded up some of the most notable Chicago openings of the past few months so you can better focus your dining energies.



‘Charles James: Genius Deconstructed’ At Chicago History Museum

Chicago may not have the fashion pedigree of New York or Paris, but the Chicago History Museum is a treasure trove of couture. Besides the big names of Dior, Givenchy, and Versace, the Museum also has extensive holdings by Charles James, a designer who worked in Chicago as a milliner for a few years in the 1920s, before striking it big in the fashion world…


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Brunch Time: Bleeding Heart Bakery

Bakery Hours: Mon – Thurs, 6am – 9pm; Fri 6am through Sun 9pm (63 straight hours) Café Hours: Sun – Thurs 7am – 4pm; Fri 7am through Sun 4pm (57 straight hours) If you’ve been […]



December Arts Preview

There aren’t enough hours in the day to check out every noteworthy art event in Chicago. But there are a few events that you just can’t afford to miss. Here’s our quick guide to five must-see events and exhibits in Chicago in December.



Jellies At Shedd Aquarium

Jellyfish have been on earth for more than 500 million years, but how much do we really know about them? Jellies, an exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium, gives us an overview of the animal by exploring its biology and history…


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Cocktail Of The Month: Bangers & Lace’s The Little Destroyer

Bangers and Lace’s cocktail The Little Destroyer is perfect for nights when it’s too cold to venture outside for a drink.



Ground Zero 360° At Field Museum

The tragic events of September 11 happened just over a decade ago, but the country hasn’t forgotten. Among the many ways Chicago is commemorating the anniversary is with the riveting Ground Zero 360° exhibit, on view at The Field Museum through January 2.



New Restaurant Roundup: November

With new restaurants opening seemingly every day, how are you supposed to keep track of them all? From steakhouses to trendy lounges, we’ve rounded up some of the most notable Chicago openings of the past few months, so you can better focus your dining energies.


Angela Strassheim, Evidence #11 (credit:

November Arts Preview

There aren’t enough hours in the day to check out every noteworthy art event in Chicago. Here are our can’t-miss picks for November.


(credit: National Hellenic Museum)

New National Hellenic Museum Opens

When the new National Hellenic Museum opens in November, the space will offer a window into Chicago’s Greek community – literally.


Field Museum

Quick Guide To Free Museum Days

Visiting Chicago’s museums is an enriching experience, but it can be prohibitively expensive. Most area museums schedule free days each year, and Illinois residents can take advantage of extra discounts. Read on for a round up of free days for the rest of 2011 – now you’ll know where to go the next time you have an unexpected day off.



Elsa Muñoz’s Claro Y Obscuro

In Claro y Obscuro, running through November 27 at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Pilsen, Chicago-based artist Elsa Muñoz presents a world caught in media res…



Ann Toebbe At Museum Of Contemporary Art

In Ann Toebbe’s new show in the Museum of Contemporary Art’s UBS 12 × 12: New Artists/New Work gallery, she depicts interior spaces that she recreates from memories. The works, large-scale cut paper collages, are on display through October 23. Toebbe recently talked to about her art work and artistic process…