Asian carp

Asian Carp

50 Pound Asian Carp Caught Near Joliet Considered Moderate In Size

A picture of a giant Asian Carp in the arms of a Joliet fisherman shows why biologists see the fish as a big problem.


Asian Carp

Durbin Joins Michigan In Fight Against Asian Carp

Lawmakers are reaching across borders to keep Asian Carp out of Lake Michigan.

CBS Chicago–03/04/2011

Asian Carp

Environmental Group: No More Invasive Species

An environmental coalition says the Asian carp is enough, and the U.S. does not need to add other non-native species to the country’s ecology.

CBS Chicago–03/02/2011

Asian Carp

Businesses Seek To Turn Asian Carp Into Food

A group of businesses is proposing a unique solution to the invasive Asian carp that’s threatening the Great Lakes.

CBS Chicago–01/25/2011

Asian Carp

Report: Asian Carp Advancing On Lake Michigan

Scientists say they have more proof the dreaded Asian carp is advancing on Lake Michigan.

CBS Chicago–01/05/2011

Asian Carp

US Army Corps To Study Asian Carp, Other Invasives

Federal officials have laid out a plan for studying how to stop invasive species — including the voracious Asian carp — from migrating between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River watersheds.


Asian Carp

Illinois Fishery Hopes To Cash In On Asian Carp

It wants to catch and sell them as “wild Mississippi River fish.”


Asian Carp

Dam It: Plan Asks For 2 To Keep Carp Out Of Lake

It also ask for rain barrels, wetlands, trees to block Asian Carp, alleviate basement flooding, clean up the Chicago River system at the same time.

WBBM Newsradio–10/21/2010

Asian Carp

Asian Carp Foes Argue Before Federal Judge

Attorneys for and against closing Chicago-area shipping locks as a way to stop the spread of Asian carp are now making their final pitches to a federal judge.

CBS Chicago–10/18/2010