The oldest star ever discovered, as seen in the night sky.  (Credit: Stefan Keller/Australian National University)

Astronomers Discover Oldest Known Star Created After The Big Bang

Australian Astronomers have come up with a picture of the oldest star ever recorded — a star created shortly after the Big Bang.


Moon Appears Bigger And Brighter, As Its Closer To Earth Than Normal

Donation Helps Niles West Students See Stars

A retired business owner says he’s not an astronomy fan particularly but he’s donated enough to help finish the new observatory being dedicated Wednesday night at Niles West High School, reports WBBM’s John Cody.


Photo of Saturn taken by Larry Ciupik with a telescope from the Adler Planetarium's Doane Observatory.

Sky Watchers To Get Best View Of Saturn In 10 Years

These warm, clear evenings we’ve been having are a good time to look for the rings of Saturn, reports WBBM’s Steve Miller.