Babies Who Look Like Their Dads Are Healthier, Study SaysA new study has concluded that babies who look like their fathers tend to be healthier than other children.
March Of Dimes Convention In Rosemont Connects Mothers Of Premature BabiesThey've been supporting each other online, now a convention this weekend in Rosemont gave parents who've lost a baby or have a child with birth defects a chance to help one another in person.
5 Hilarious Baby Halloween CostumesGet a little creative this Halloween. Here are five fun costume ideas for your baby that won't cost you an arm and a leg.
Opinion: Chicago's Abandoning Poor Kids To Preventable Health RisksWant to know the breadth of inequality in Chicago? Just take a look at the childhood injury risks across the city's different neighborhoods.
New Year Brings NewbornsMaximus Edward Maise arrived at one minute past midnight and may be the first Chicago-area baby to be born. But stories like that played out across the region, CBS 2's Derrick Blakley reports.
Doctors Expecting Boom Of "Polar Vortex Babies"Obstetricians and hospitals across Illinois were expecting a bit of a baby boom in the next couple months, all thanks to the infamous polar vortex this past winter.
Dozens Of Chicago Babies Share Birthday With New British PrinceOn the day that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to a boy, babies were being born all over -- including at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where 37 babies were born yesterday.
Horrible Horoscopes: CapricornYou, Capricorn, are majestically beautiful -- like a frozen bean burrito microwaved to perfection...
Deaths Of Baby Twins In Little Village Under InvestigationA police death investigation was under way Thursday afternoon after 6-month-old twins were found dead at a home in the Little Village neighborhood.
Leap Year Parents Face Dilemma: How Often To Celebrate Kids' BirthdayThe question for parents of babies born on February 29 is: should they celebrate their child’s birthday once every four years, or twice every year?
Human Lifespans Lengthening, But How Long Is Too Long?Scientists are making huge advances in the lab. But work like that isn't considered mainstream. And not everyone believes science should control our destiny or that living past 100 is a good idea.
City Council Bans Sale Of Bumper Pads For Cribs Bumper pads for baby cribs will be banned for retail sale in the City of Chicago after

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