Baby Gorilla

(Photo Credit: © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2015)

Lincoln Park Zoo’s Baby Gorilla Gets Name: Bella

While she prefers to stay tucked in close to mom, and dad is not about let anyone get to close, a baby gorilla named Bella is the new star of the show at Lincoln Park Zoo’s ape exhibit.


Nora, Brookfield Zoo's baby western lowland gorilla. (Brookfield Zoo)

Brookfield Zoo’s Baby Gorilla Turns 1

Nora, a western lowland gorilla that weighed about 3.5 pounds at birth, now weighs close to 12 pounds, according to a press release from the zoo.


Baby gorilla Nora was born at Brookfield Zoo in November 2013. (Credit: Chicago Zoological Society)

Brookfield Zoo Names Baby Gorilla ‘Nora’

Nora is a female gorilla born last November to Koola, her 18-year-old mother. The name means “honor” or “light.”


A baby gorilla and its mother have been reunited at Lincoln Park Zoo. (Lincoln Park Zoo)

Injured Baby Gorilla Reunited With Her Mother At Lincoln Park Zoo

A baby western lowland gorilla, injured earlier this year at Lincoln Park Zoo, has been reunited with her mother and other troop members after months of around-the-clock care.


Nayembi is recovering from her injuries. (Credit: Lincoln Park Zoo)

Baby Gorilla Recovering From Her Injuries At Lincoln Park Zoo

It was just over a week ago that Lincoln Park Zoo’s baby gorilla was found seriously injured. CBS 2’s Ed Curran reports the three month old is improving.


The latest addition, a baby female, left, to the gorilla enclosure at the Lincoln Park Zoo. (Lincoln Park Zoo)

Baby Gorilla Injured At Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park zoo has a dedicated hospital where the gorilla baby is being cared for.


The latest addition, a baby female, left, to the gorilla enclosure at the Lincoln Park Zoo. (Lincoln Park Zoo)

Baby Gorilla Born At Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo

Zoo officials say the baby girl appears to be in good health and is doing well.


Bana nurses her baby at Lincoln Park Zoo. (Credit: Todd Rosenberg/Lincoln Park Zoo)

Rare Lowland Gorilla Born At Lincoln Park Zoo

There’s a new addition to the family at Lincoln Park Zoo, which has announced the birth of a baby western lowland gorilla.


Lincoln Park Zoo announced Monday the birth of a western lowland gorilla. The newborn arrived on Nov. 16.  (Credit: Lincoln Park Zoo)

Update: Baby Gorilla That Died Had Head Injury, Zoo Says

Early results show a nine-day-old baby gorilla at Lincoln Park Zoo died overnight from head trauma.