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A city of Chicago red light camera (Credit: CBS)

Judge Determines Yellow Lights Too Short, Throws Out Red Light Tickets

Before a traffic light turns red in Chicago, it’s supposed to sit on yellow for three seconds. But a Chicago judge says that’s not always happening and some people are getting tickets they don’t deserve.


Red Light Cameras

Expert: Speed Cameras Won’t Make Anything Safer

A motoring gadfly is challenging arguments that a blanket of speed enforcement cameras will improve safety for Chicago schoolchildren.

CBS Chicago–02/08/2012

A city of Chicago red light camera (Credit: CBS)

Quinn Approves City’s Plan To Bust Speeders With Cameras

Gov. Pat Quinn has signed legislation allowing the City of Chicago to use cameras to catch speeders near schools and parks.

CBS Chicago–02/06/2012

'No Turn On Red' sign at the intersection of Willow and Waukegan Roads in Northfield is obstructed by some trees. (Credit: CBS)

Drivers Beware Of The ‘Stop Trap’

You’ve heard of speed traps, designed to catch drivers who find themselves in a sudden, dramatically reduced speed limit? Now there’s something new in the Chicago suburbs and some are calling them “stop traps.”

CBS 2–01/10/2011