Barry Bonds

Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds

Dorfman: The Steroid Shame Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

Major League Baseball has so many things working to its advantage including a century old resilience to overcome every challenge placed before it.

670 The Score–03/30/2011

Barry Bonds

Ex-Mistress Claims Bonds Blamed Injury On Steroids

According to the testimony of his former mistress, Barry Bonds blamed his 1999 elbow injury on steroid use.


Barry Bonds

Bonds’ Trial Turns Into Biology, Chemistry Lesson

Barry Bonds’ trial was a lot like high school chemistry and biology class Thursday.


Barry Bonds

Bonds’ Friend Saw Trainer Leave With Syringe

Barry Bonds’ perjury trial began this week and a key witness said he saw a syringe in the hand of Bonds’ trainer, indicating Bonds had just taken performance enhancing drugs.


Barry Bonds

Prosecutor: Bonds’ Testimony About Steroids ‘Ridiculous And Unbelievable’

Barry Bonds claimed that he thought he was taking flax seed oil and arthritis cream when his personal trainer gave him steroids, a claim that a federal prosecutor says is “ridiculous and unbelievable.”


Barry Bonds

Bonds’ Perjury Trial Gets Under Way

It took three years to go from indictment to a trial, but on Monday, Barry Bonds’ perjury trial started with 40 jurors quickly getting dismissed from a prospective jury pool of slightly more than 100 people.


Barry Bonds

Bonds’ Perjury Trial Starts Monday

Barry Bonds finished his career with some impressive achievements. That is, if you ignore his use of performance enhancing drugs. The rules over such drugs weren’t as stiff as they are now and Bonds told the grand jury he was unaware of taking performance enhancing drugs.


Barry Bonds

Jury Won’t Hear Angry Voicemails To Bonds’ Mistress

A federal judge ruled on Thursday that the jury in Barry Bonds’ perjury trial won’t hear the angry voicemails he left his mistress during their rocky nine-year relationship.


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Wisch: What Barry Bonds Was, LeBron James Is Not

Not every athlete is cut out to wear the black hat. Not all jocks are comfy behind Darth Vader’s mask. And very – very – few sports superstars can continue to thrive as one after they’ve also assumed the role of sports villain.


Greg Anderson

Bonds’ Ex-Trainer Refuses To Testify

Barry Bonds’ former trainer will be jailed later this month unless he changes his mind about testifying against the slugger.


Barry Bonds

Bonds Trying To Keep ‘Secret Recording’ From Perjury Trial

Barry Bonds is trying to clear his name. He ended his career as baseball’s all-time home run leader, but a perjury trial and steroid accusations have tarnished his image.


Barry Bonds

Bonds’ Charges Dropped From 11 To Five

Federal prosecutors have cut the number of felony charges Barry Bonds faces from 11 to five.