Bee Stings


The Top Ten Most Painful Body Areas To Suffer A Bee Sting

It doesn’t take scientific research to tell anybody that a bee sting … hurts. But it does take scientific research to determine where on the male human body a bee sting REALLY hurts.



Autopsy Inconclusive In Man’s Death After Bee Attack

An autopsy on Wednesday proved inconclusive in the death of a 62-year-old Roselle man who died after he attempted to clear a nest of bees or hornets that was near his home.

CBS Chicago–09/28/2011


Roselle Man Dies After Being Stung By Bees

An autopsy scheduled for Wednesday could determine whether bee stings contributed to the death of a Roselle man who died on Monday, apparently while trying to get rid of a beehive outside his home.

CBS Chicago–09/27/2011