Finfer: The Nats Could School The Cubs On Building A Future
Finfer: White Sox Will Remain Unpredictable In 2nd HalfLet’s hope the Mayans are just as inept in the art of prognostication as baseball observers.
Finfer: Crazy Sports Weekend RecapSo much for the quiet. It was a lot to digest in one Sunday. Thank goodness for the shortened holiday week. And decriminalized marijuana.
Finfer: Cubs Hope Anthony Rizzo Is This Summer's Blockbuster HitIn a world where losing and heartbreak runs rampant arrives a savior who aspires to change it all.
Finfer: Presenting Chicago's All-$#*tty TeamIt seems more appropriate, and fun, to combine both rosters into one embarrassing, pathetic, and disturbing group.
Finfer: For Cubs, Draft More Important Than Any GameThis is the most important week of the year for the Cubs. It will likely determine how Theo Epstein’s first season as the team president is remembered.
670 The Score Experts Make Their Final Four PicksFinal Four picks from a number of 670 The Score personalities, including their pick to win it all.

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