Bert Blyleven

Ron Santo.

Baffoe: HOF Got It Right In All The Wrong Ways

I hope Vicki Santo and her children are really pissed off and for good reason. This should be a happy day for them and all fans of Ron Santo, but instead it ranges for many somewhere between bittersweet and a downright slap in the face.

CBS Chicago–12/05/2011

Roberto Alomar

Alomar, Blyleven Elected To Baseball Hall Of Fame

Roberto Alomar won’t go into Cooperstown wearing a White Sox hat, but late in his career he did play 85 games on the South Side. Today, he was elected to the baseball Hall of Fame.


Jack Morris

Spiegel: Developing Your Hall Of Fame Instinct

Baseball Hall of Fame decisions have to be a well educated instinct. Voters, and fans who enjoy the debate, need to inform themselves as best they can, and then simply trust their gut.

670 The Score–01/05/2011