Best Bets For Perch
Best Crab Legs In ChicagoA fresh crab dinner, served with hot melted butter is one of those meals that's truly worth every penny. Whether fine dining or paper napkins is more your speed, there's amazing crab out there for everyone in Chicago. Here are our 5 best bets for crab in Chicago.
Best Crab Rangoon In Chicago
Chicago's Best Fish Tacos
Best Fish And Chips In Chicago
Chicago’s Best SushiYou can load up your maki roll or nigiri with a copious helping of ginger and wasabi everywhere from chic venues that resemble the hottest nightclubs to hole-in-the-wall eateries that make you feel like you might be in Japan. Here is a brief sampling of five.
Best Lobster Roll In Chicago
Best Seafood In ChicagoThe Midwest isn’t near an ocean, but Chicagoans still demand good seafood.

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