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Area Retiree Loses $80,000 From Lottery Scam

Lee Williams, 73, used to be a commodity broker. After retirement, he was in a car crash and spent seven months in the hospital. When he got out he was out of money. That’s when the phone calls started.


People stand on top of debris from a collapsed building at Basantapur Durbar Square watching the destruction following an earthquake on April 25, 2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal. A major 7.8 earthquake hit Kathmandu mid-day on Saturday, and was followed by multiple aftershocks that triggered avalanches on Mt. Everest that buried mountain climbers in their base camps. (Credit: Omar Havana/Getty Images)

Be Wary Of Scams In Wake Of Nepal Earthquake, Better Business Bureau Warns

Fraudulent charities and individuals often spring up following natural disasters.


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Beware Prom Dress Rip-offs Online, Consumer-Advocacy Group Warns

With high school girls thinking about prom season, here’s a warning from the Better Business Bureau.


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Better Business Bureau: Even In Love, Buyer Beware

Ahead of Valentine’s Day on Saturday, the Better Business Bureau was warning about scammers who prey on people looking for love.



Better Business Bureau Warns Of Sex Offender Database Scam

Consumer advocates were warning about a new email scam designed to trick you into sharing your sensitive personal information.



Do Research, Read The Fine Print Before Joining That Health Club

Beware: A plan to become healthier could be fraught with hidden costs.



Scammers Targeting Holiday Shoppers

You’re in the holiday mood, ready to spend some money, but be careful: you could be the target of a holiday scam. CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker takes a look at the top five scams that could ruin your holidays.



Better Business Bureau Warning Consumers To Avoid ’12 Scams Of Christmas’

The Better Business Bureau is out with a warning of what it calls, “The Twelve Scams of Christmas.”


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Better Business Bureau Warns Of ‘One Ring’ Cell Phone Scam

Dubbed the “One Ring” scam, a computer sends thousands of calls to random cell phone numbers, rings once, and then disconnects. Curious customers who return the missed call could be charged $19.95 for an international call fee and an additional $9 per-minute charge.



Better Business Bureau Releases List Of Top Ten Scams Of 2013

Chicago’s Better Business Bureau has made a list of the top ten scams of last year.


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2 Investigators: Singles Getting Ripped Off By Matchmaking Service

In today’s busy world, more and more singles are turning to online dating and matchmaking services to find that special someone. But, as CBS 2 Investigator Pam Zekman found out, some singles have said they’re getting ripped off by one locally based matchmaker.

CBS 2–12/12/2012

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Better Business Bureau Study: Businesses Can’t Let Customer Service Slip

A new survey serves as a warning to businesses about letting customer service – or their products – slip.

CBS Chicago–08/01/2012

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Instant Tax Service Accused Of Fraud

As the Tuesday midnight tax filing deadline looms, many people are turning to tax preparers who promise rapid returns. But as CBS 2’s Mai Martinez reports, the Better Business Bureau has a warning about those services, and one in particular doing business in the Chicago area.

CBS 2–04/16/2012

Businessman Peter Papageorge says he felt pressured to sign a contract for work-safety seminars. (CBS)

Business Owner Claims He Was Misled About Contract For Work-Safety Seminars

A Chicago business owner claims he felt pressured into signing up for a service, and now he’s being sued for more than $17,000 to fulfill a contract. CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports.


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Feldco Sues Better Business Bureau Over ‘No Rating’

A window and door installation company filed a libel lawsuit Wednesday against Chicago’s Better Business Bureau, claiming the BBB’s “No Rating” grade has hurt its reputation.


Businessman Robert Hinds says he was ripped off by a Web-design firm. (CBS)

Business Owners Say Area Web-Design Firm Ripped Them Off

Some small business owners thought they were getting a good deal when they hired Expedite Media Group to design Web pages for them — then the unauthorized charges started.


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Bidders, Beware: Online Auction Site Racks Up Complaints

It’s called, and you can supposedly get a steal of a deal. Or can you? Consumer advocates tell a different story.

CBS 2–03/24/2011

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Better Business Bureau Warns Of Shady Shipping Firm

After receiving 33 complaints since August against an overseas shipping company based on the Northwest Side, the Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about the firm.


Bears playoff tickets for the Chicago-Seattle game are not selling briskly, brokers say. (CBS)

Experts: Be Careful When Buying Bears Tickets

If you’re looking to buy tickets for Sunday’s NFC championship game between the Bears and Packers at Soldier Field, the Better Business Bureau is warning you to be careful.

CBS Chicago–01/17/2011

Health Club

Better Business Bureau: Pick Your Gym Carefully

Joining a gym after New Year’s is popular, and that trend unfortunately has prompted some facilities to try and take advantage of new clients.

CBS Chicago–01/14/2011