Wisch: The Big Ten, It's Hyphenation Nation!OK, it’s taken a couple of days, but I’m finally on board with this whole new Big Ten thing. The conference is bigger, it’s badder (and that’s just what they’re saying about our divisions!) and, thanks to all those new multi-name football awards, it’s also more hyphenated than ever before.
What Went In To Division Names? Delany ExplainsWhen the Big Ten announced they were adding Nebraska, the response was almost all positive. And when the Big Ten announced the names for the new divisions, the response was almost all negative.
Wisch: Notre Dame Needs The Big Ten The team is mediocre, the coach is already under fire just 11 games into his tenure, and the school’s administration is taking more hits than its quarterback these days.
Report: Big Ten will split Michigan and Ohio State
Big Ten to announce divisions tonight
Big Ten Expansion Might Not Be Over
Big Ten Expansion: What We Know

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