Bike thieves

Jeremiah Aviles (left) and Israel Perez (right) are charged with stealing several high-end bicycles from Lakeshore Bike on Sept. 7, 2014. A third suspect, not pictured, also has been charged. (Credit: Chicago Police)

Trio Charged With Stealing High-End Bikes

Three young men have been arrested for allegedly stealing $20,000 worth of high-end bicycles and accessories from a small shop along the Chicago Lakefront Trail.


A surveillance image of thieves braking into a North Side Bike store. (Credit: Tennis On The Lake)

North Side Bike Store Thieves Caught On Camera

Surveillance cameras were rolling as a group of people broke into a high-end bike store on the North Side last weekend, stealing $20,000 worth of bikes and accessories.


Bikes! They're yours for the taking (please don't take them). (Photo Credit: Mason Johnson)

2 Investigators: Bike Theft Victims Band Together Online

CBS 2’s Dave Savini has been investigating and talking to one frustrated bike rider after another who are taking to the internet to find help.


Is this beaut locked correctly? (Photo Credit: Mason Johnson)

Most Chicago Bike Owners Don’t Secure Their Bikes Properly, Allowing Thieves To Take Advantage

Let’s be honest: Chicagoans get their bikes stolen more often than Liam Neeson’s family members get kidnapped in the Taken franchise. Here are the mistakes bike theft victims make and how to avoid them!