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Kitchen Basics: Know Your Oven From The Joy Kitchen

Megan Scott, from Joy Of Cooking and the blog The Joy Kitchen, shares tips on how to know your oven.


Chicago State University

Report: New Policy Forbids Chicago State Faculty From Talking To Media

A new policy on communication and social media has created a stir at Chicago State University on the city’s South Side.

CBS Chicago–04/06/2012

File photo of a Blue Line train.  (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Bloggers Weigh In On CTA Naming Rights Plan

The revelation last week that the Chicago Transit Authority plans to sell naming rights to its assets has a lot of people talking.

CBS Chicago–11/15/2010

Quarterback Jay Cutler (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Joniak: Cutler Is Back But So Is Williams

Reading between the lines from offensive line coach Mike Tice and offensive coordinator Mike Martz, Williams appears penciled in at left guard, not left tackle.

WBBM Newsradio–10/13/2010

Eye Of The Beholder

What’s so interesting about this Bears team is that it still allows one to see what one wants, irrespective of the spotless record. Take today’s Tribune, for instance, which offers a stark divergence of opinion in […]


Gift Pack

I was all but sure that last night’s performance would help me figure out how good this Bears team actually is. The outcome tells me they are the NFC’s only undefeated, and that they have […]


The Longest Day

Either time messes with your mind on days like this, or your mind messes with time. If somebody wanted to bet that 7:30 PM was actually going to arrive tonight, I’d think seriously about wagering against […]


Evolutionary Reality

“I don’t care if we go 2-14, as long as those two wins are against the Packers!” — Anonymous Idiot Who is Probably Dead by Now. The Bears/Packers Rivalry is no more.  And you know […]


Kenny Asserts His Power

There is rarely ambiguity from Kenny Williams.  Other MLB general managers say his phone calls are serious, purposeful and substantive, and that he is not one to mince words. So let’s look carefully at how he […]


Ozzie To Sox: I Want You To Want Me

As the 2010 season winds down, Ozzie Guillen is craving validation. He has a year remaining on his deal, and a provision that extends him one more year if the Sox win the division in […]


What About Bob?

Mike Quade’s Cubs continue to play better than Lou Piniella’s Cubs, now 13-7 since the latter drifted away weeping.  Small sample size, sure, but still nice for the candidacy of a seemingly good guy. Even […]


Sweep Dreams

This is the last gasp of last gasps (say that fast). It is seriously unlikely that the White Sox take all three games from a clearly superior Twins team, and even that miracle would still […]


Bears’ Rule

Calvin Johnson, by the letter of NFL rule, should still be waiting patiently in the end zone this morning — with the ball, after catching it cleanly there with two feet down, taking a couple […]


Noah Brainer

Something has to be missing in the multiple reports of a possible deal that would send Carmelo Anthony to the Bulls. I get it:  ideally, you would want to acquire a great player for nothing.  […]


Long Odds

Last night felt bad because it was bad.  Such is the fragile existence of a fringe contender. Talk of Paul Konerko missing, Freddy GaGa exiting and Gordon Beckham aching only obscured the more painful facts on the AL […]


Streak to Nowhere

Seven wins in a row bridging August and September should mean something for a contending team. Streaks like that are often season-defining:  they validate playoff bona fides by showcasing timely hitting, consistent starting pitching and […]


Earl-y Warning

As enticing as the Sox/Sox series is, the opener tonight in Boston will likely be affected by Hurricane Earl.  The storm-track is targeting New England for heavy rains this evening, so stay tuned to the Score for […]


“Glorified Practice”

Lovie Smith would not be contradicting himself if he used that term to describe tonight’s Bears/Browns meeting. Unfortunately, he and others at Halas Hall have embarrassed themselves baking up a logical pretzel to rationalize the frightening […]


Another ‘Roider Joins the Sox

The Sox/Indians brunchtimer means Laurence Holmes and I will join you after the postgame show, ready to discuss the performance of Manny Ramirez.  He is in today’s lineup, batting 5th as the DH. (Perhaps he […]


Can Manny Pitch?

You would have taken my money had you bet me that the White Sox would win a game that included two innings pitched by Scott Linebrink (let alone a game-winning HR by Brent Lillibridge). But […]