John Lackey Is Boers & Bernstein's 2016 Quote Of The Year Winner"I didn't come here for a haircut," Lackey famously said. "We're trying to get it on. I came here for jewelry."
Boers & Bernstein Callers Had Epic Suggestions For Bears, Robbie Gould After Deflating LossOne man believes Gould should practice all week at Soldier Field by himself.
Tim Beckman Is Boers & Bernstein’s 2015 Quote Of The Year WinnerBeckman's 53-second ramble on "Oskee" was unprecedented in its length.
Marc Trestman Is Boers & Bernstein's 2014 Quote Of The Year WinnerThis is one achievement no one can ever take away from Trestman.
Link: Ranking The Super BowlsBoers and Bernstein are discussing the top Super Bowls of all time.
Listen: Mike In Milwaukee On American IdolCould dedicated listener Mike in Milwaukee make the cut with America's finest vocalists?
Video: MLB Network's Brian Kenny Goes Off On Hawk HarrelsonYou may have heard what White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson said about sabermetrics Wednesday night. If you didn't, Brian Kenny certainly did.

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