Terrified Mom Gets Her Kids Bulletproof-Ready BackpacksA company manufactures bulletproof plates that can slip into backpacks to make them impervious to handgun fire. CBS 2's Brad Edwards reports.
Soccer Field Safety Debated At Niles MeetingThe field at the new LoVerde Sports & Recreation Center contains crumb rubber – pieces of ground up tires. The jury is still out on the safety of the material.
2 Investigators: More Concerns About Crumb Rubber Soccer FieldNow, Niles Mayor Andrew Przybylo is calling on the park district to remove the potentially harmful surface from an indoor soccer field.
Family Of Suspect In Cop's Murder Feared, Avoided HimAn aunt and other family members said they tried to keep their distance from Shomari Legghette, who had several past convictions.
Report: Temptations Singer Dennis Edwards Abused Weeks Before DeathChicago police were investigating an allegation of domestic abuse filed just weeks before onetime Temptations lead singer Dennis Edwards died.
2 Investigators: Lower Wacker's 'Drifting' And Street-Racing ProblemWho will curb the speed demons and joy-riders? CBS 2's Brad Edwards reports on efforts to crack down.
2 Investigators: Cook County's Lawsuit ProblemCounty government has spent more than $186 million to settle or satisfy 2,100 lawsuits since 2012. Payouts are expected to soar in coming years. CBS 2's Brad Edwards reports.
2 Investigators: The Unsolved 1956 Murder Of The Grimes Sisters2 Investigator Brad Edwards recently caught up with some people who haven’t lost hope that the killer will be found.  
Jail Population Plunge Has Been Good For Taxpayers, Dart SaysCook County Sheriff Tom Dart, who has preached jail reform for years, saw results in 2017.
2 Investigators: Tire Bits In Soccer Turf Concern ParentsCrumb rubber made from recycled tires contains potentially cancer-causing materials. CBS 2's Brad Edwards reports.
2 Investigators: Sex Harassment Settlement UnravelsA deal is a deal. Until it's not. CBS 2's Brad Edwards investigates complaints against a former police official in St. John, Ind.
Alderman Talks Trash About IDOTPat Dowell says the agency has done a poor job keeping the Dan Ryan litter-free, compared to other expressways. CBS 2's Brad Edwards reports.

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