Brian Dorian

Brian Dorian

Will County Pays $126K To Cop Wrongly Accused As ‘Honeybee Killer’

Will County has agreed to pay $126,500 to settle a lawsuit brought by a suburban cop whom the Will County sheriff wrongly accused of being the “Honeybee killer,” the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.


Brian Dorian, a Lynwood police officer, talks about being wrongly charged as the so-called "Honeybee Killer" in October 2010. He is suing Will County authorities for $10 million. (Credit: CBS)

Wrongfully Charged Cop Campaigning Against Glasgow In Will County

The man who is trying to unseat Will County State’s Attorney Jim Glasgow is getting help campaigning from a police officer wrongly accused of murder by Glasgow two years ago.

WBBM Newsradio–10/19/2012

Brian Dorian, a Lynwood police officer, talks about being wrongly charged as the so-called "Honeybee Killer" in October 2010. He is suing Will County authorities for $10 million. (Credit: CBS)

Dorian Recalls ‘Nightmare’ Of Being Wrongly Charged As ‘Honeybee Killer’

He was thrown in jail, accused of being the “Honeybee Killer.” Now, he’s fighting back. Brian Dorian is now suing Will County for being wrongly arrested and charged with another man’s crimes. He vented his frustration on Tuesday in an exclusive interview with CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole.

CBS 2–10/18/2011

Brian Dorian was wrongly accused of being the "Honey Bee Killer." (CBS)

Vindicated Suspect In ‘Honey Bee Killer’ Case Sues Authorities

A south suburban police officer has filed a federal lawsuit seeking more than $10 million, after he was arrested and pegged as the “Honey Bee Killer” responsible for a two-state shooting spree last year.

CBS Chicago–10/13/2011

Brian Dorian

Family Still Steamed Over False ‘Honeybee’ Arrest

Members of Brian Dorian’s family are relieved that a man suspected of being the “honeybee killer” no longer is a threat to anyone but they’re still angry the Lynwood police officer originally was charged and released in the case.


Brian Dorian

Wrongly Accused Officer Breaks His Silence

The Lynwood police officer who was wrongly accused of murder in the two-state “honeybee shooting spree” in October has broken his silence now that it appears the real killer is dead.


Lynwood police officer Brian Dorian. (CBS)

Former ‘Honey Bee Killer’ Suspect Getting Hate Mail

Attorneys for a suburban police officer falsely accused in a deadly two-state shooting spree say he has been receiving hate mail since he was cleared.

CBS Chicago–12/09/2010

File Photo Of A Handgun (Photo by David Silverman/Newsmakers)

Hunt For “Honeybee” Killer Goes Cold

Two months after apparently random shootings terrorized residents along the Illinois-Indiana state line the trail for the fugitive has grown cold.


Beecher Suspect New Sketch

Trail Cold In Hunt For State Line Spree Killer?

Has the trail gone cold, in the search for the suspect who went on a fatal two-state shooting spree?

CBS Chicago–10/28/2010

Brian Dorian

Lynwood Cop Advised To Sue Over Mistaken Arrest

Brian Dorian’s boss had some advice for the Lynwood cop charged with gunning down three men in a two-state shooting spree: Sue Will County.


File Photo (Robert Laberge/ Getty Images)

2 Dozen Cops Hunt For Spree Killer

The tips have slowed but two dozen investigators continue to doggedly hunt for a killer.


Lynwood Police Officer Brian Dorian Leaves An Attorney's Office Near The Will County Courthouse Oct. 13, 2010. (AP Photo)

How Could Dorian Witness Get It So Wrong?

Expert says eyewitnesses can be overrated.

WBBM Newsradio–10/14/2010

Pete Piazza

Will County Sheriff Challenger Says It’s Time For Change

Will County arrested and charged the wrong man. It’s not the first time, and now, a challenger to the sheriff says it’s time for change.

CBS 2–10/13/2010

Brian Dorian

How Can An Eyewitness Be So Wrong?

“Eyewitnesses are overrated as evidence of a person’s guilt.”

CBS Chicago–10/13/2010

Brian Dorian

Dorian Supporters Jam Into Courtroom

The decision to drop charges against Dorian does not surprise those who knew him.

WBBM Newsradio–10/13/2010

Brian Dorian

Charges Dropped Against Lynwood Cop Brian Dorian

Prosecutors have dropped murder charges against Lynwood police officer Brian Dorian, who had been arrested last week as the suspect in a bi-state shooting spree.

CBS Chicago–10/13/2010

Brian Dorian

Murder Charges Dropped Against Lynwood Cop

Murder charges were dropped against a Lynwood police officer accused of a deadly two-state shooting spree.

CBS Chicago–10/12/2010

Brian Dorian

Cop Pleads Not Guilty To Deadly Shooting Spree

The Lynwood police officer charged in the so-called “State Line” murder case has pleaded not guilty to a charge of first-degree murder.

CBS Chicago–10/12/2010

Brian Dorian

Family, Friends Rally Around Cop Charged In Shooting Spree

Brian Dorian’s friends and family say the Lynwood police officer is being portrayed inaccurately and that authorities have the wrong man.

CBS 2–10/11/2010

Brian Dorian

Cop Scheduled For Court In Fatal Shooting Spree

A south suburban police officer charged in a fatal two-state shooting spree is expected to appear at the Will County Courthouse in Wheaton for a bond hearing Tuesday.