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Brian McNamee

Roger Clemens. (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Clemens: Feds ‘Went Around The World’ To Try To Convict Me

A day after being acquitted on federal perjury charges, former major league pitcher Roger Clemens joined SportsRadio 610 in Houston to talk about the trial away from the courtroom for the first time.

CBS Chicago–06/20/2012

Roger Clemens

Prosecutors Say Needles Had Clemens’ DNA, Steroids; Fakery Claimed

Prosecutors said Wednesday that needles and cotton balls Roger Clemens’ former trainer says he used to inject the star pitcher at the height of his career tested positive for Clemens’ DNA and anabolic steroids.

CBS Chicago–07/13/2011

Roger Clemens

Clemens Trial A Story Of 2 Friends Turned Enemies

Strip away the legalese and the trial of Roger Clemens is a tale of two men: the baseball star and his trainer.

CBS Chicago–07/10/2011

Roger Clemens

Clemens Ready To Fight As Perjury Trial Nears

Roger Clemens’ tenacious pursuit of victory on the pitcher’s mound is re-emerging as he enters federal court this week to fight charges he lied about using drugs and to try to ruthlessly discredit the former friend who says he did.

CBS Chicago–07/04/2011