Britain's Queen Of Royal Memorabilia"Every day I think about the Queen, which is really sad, isn't it?"
Last Call? Saving Britain's Endangered Pubs"There's no getting away from that. In the last 10 years alone, we've lost 10,000 pubs."
The Changing Face of Britain TodayAround 14% of the British population is now foreign-born. That's almost the identical percentage as the United States. 
Prince William And Kate Middleton Welcome Baby BoyBritain is celebrating the birth of the country’s newest royal baby as Prince William and Kate Middleton welcome their new baby boy.
Valentine's Traditions From Around The WorldWith Valentine's Day coming up, it can be interesting to learn the different Valentine's Day traditions that vary with each country. The day that honors love is celebrated in different ways around the globe.
Opinion: Romney Falls Flat In London But Still Rakes In Cash From Libor BankersMitt Romney insulted Britain's preparations for the Olympics and inspired quotes like "apparently devoid of charm, warmth, humor or sincerity" and "worse than Sarah Palin" before cashing campaign checks from bankers and lobbyists who are at the center of the Libor scandal.
Rev. Jackson Takes Anti-Profiling Message To BritainCivil rights activist and Chicago legend Rev. Jesse Jackson is starting a group in the United Kingdom to oppose what he calls the abuse of police powers to stop and search people.

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