Brothers, Both Kickers, Score Game-Winners Within Moments Of Each OtherCBS 2's Brad Edwards introduces us to football players Mike and Karol Kurzydlowski.
4 Kids Drown In 3 Weekend AccidentsThe victims included two brothers who drowned in a pit filled with water in Hobart, Ind., Saturday night, prompting their grieving mother to call for more security on the private property where they died.
Teenage Brothers Gunned Down In Gary This past weekend, two brothers were on their way to their grandmother's house for Sunday dinner. Both brothers were shot and killed.
Guide: Diffusing Sibling ArgumentsThis summer has left our family a little fried in more than the roast, toast and burn kind of way that 100-degree heat and full-on, daily sunshine leaves in its nightly sunset. Specifically, this summer has left me, the mother of two little boys, totally burned out by 10 a.m. after breaking up the tenth argument of the day.
Brothers Continue Wrangling Over Autographed White Sox BaseballsTwo brothers are still fighting over some autographed baseballs that belonged to their late father, in a spat that has now included a lawsuit and criminal charges.
Brothers' Fight Over Autographed Baseballs Leads To LawsuitSome autographed baseballs are the subject of fierce infighting among the sons of a deceased White Sox investor.
Boy, Older Brother Hit By Car On SW SideA 6-year-old boy and his 18-year-old brother were hit by a car on the Southwest Side on Friday.

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