Two Men Admit Guilt In Brutal Beating Of Giants Fan At Dodger StadiumOne criminal got an eight-year sentence, while the other got four years.
Doctors Upgrade Condition Of Beaten Giants FanDoctors say the medical condition of a San Francisco Giants fan who was severely beaten outside Dodgers Stadium is continuing to improve, and they've upgraded him from critical to serious.
Giants Fan Beating Suspect Will Be Held In Custody For 10 MonthsBecause of a parole violation, the main suspect in the brutal beating of a San Francisco Giants fan outside Dodger Stadium will be has been ordered held in custody for 10 months.
Muller: I Say Bravo Barry BondsI don’t care if he did or didn’t use steroids or any other type of performance-enhancing drug: Barry Bonds is the greatest baseball player of the past 30-plus years…and likely one of the top five players of all-time.
Dorfman: When Generosity Looks WeirdThere is something unseemly, maybe even Scrooge-like, when what seems like a very nice gesture is met with the question “what is the ulterior motive?” But when Barry Bonds or anyone else with a bad PR image is involved, that's what happens.
Suspect Arrested In Giants Fan BeatingA tip from a parole officer led to the arrest Sunday of the key suspect in the attack on a San Francisco Giants fan outside Dodger Stadium after the rival teams' season opener.
Brutally Beaten Giants Fan Opens His EyesBryan Stow, the San Fransisco Giants fan who was brutally beaten after an opening day game at Dodger Stadium, has started opening his eyes still remains in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital.
Giants Fan Beaten At Dodger Stadium May Have Brain DamageAccording to doctors, the San Fransisco Giants fan who was beaten outside of Dodger Stadium is showing signs of brain damage as he remains in critical condition.

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