6 Abandoned Olympic Venues You Can Still Visit

If you’re tuning into the Sochi Winter Olympics this year, it’s hard not to wonder what these Olympic venues will look like in ten years. While we wait for the answer, check out these abandoned Olympic venues you can still travel to.


An indoor sprinkler during a fire drill. (CBS)

High-Rise Owners, Residents Fight Proposed State Rule For Sprinklers

Residents and owners of older high rises in Chicago were racing against the clock to fight a proposed state mandate that they say would force many residents to move.


Scaffolding wraps around the front of Chicago's iconic Wrigley Building. (CBS)

Chicago Building Owners May Be Keeping Scaffolding Up Longer Than Necessary

Sometimes it’s cheaper to leave the scaffolding up, one professional says. CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports.


The city demolished its 200th building as part a plan to fight crime by destroying havens for gang and drug activity. (CBS)

As Gang-Fighting Tool, City Tears Down 200th Vacant Building

A program designed to ensure gang-bangers have no place to hide, reached a milestone on Monday.


Satellite Dishes

Alderman Wants Crackdown On Building-Mounted Satellite Dishes

Ald. Ray Suarez (31st) thinks home satellite dishes are an eyesore on Chicago’s skyline, and wants to make city property owners move them away from the fronts of buildings.

CBS Chicago–01/27/2012

Midway International Airport

Ordinance Would Restrict Building Heights In Midway Flight Paths

Anyone trying to build a tall building near Midway Airport will be subject to some restrictions if a new proposed city ordinance passes.

CBS Chicago–11/16/2011

Falling Ice

City Warns Pedestrians To Watch For Falling Ice

Today’s relatively warm temperatures, following last weekend’s snow, increases the possibility for ice to fall from tall buildings on to the street or sidewalk below.

CBS Chicago–12/30/2010