Bully Bandit

The Bully Bandit (Credit: CBS)

“Bully Bandit” Suspected In 16th Bank Robbery

The “Bully Bandit” is suspected of striking again Thursday morning in south suburban Riverside, in his fourth suspected bank robbery in the past month after a year-and-a-half hiatus.


The Bully Bandit (Credit: CBS)

FBI: Bully Bandit Returns, Robs Three More Banks

After apparently laying low for several months, the so-called Bully Bandit has struck again, robbing three more Chicago banks in the past month.


The Bully Bandit (Credit: FBI)

‘Bully Bandit’ Suspected Of 12th Bank Robbery

The robber, dubbed “The Bully Bandit” because of the aggressive manner in which he carries out his crimes, robbed a Chase Bank branch in the 2600 block of North Milwaukee Avenue on Saturday afternoon.


The Bully Bandit (Credit: FBI)

‘Bully Bandit’ Robs 11th Chicago Area Bank

The FBI identified the man as “The Bully Bandit” and reminded the public there is a $15,000 reward for information leading to his arrest and conviction.


The Bully Bandit (Credit: FBI)

FBI Increases Reward To Catch ‘Bully Bandit ‘ To $15,000

The FBI increased the reward for information leading to his arrest and conviction to $15,000.


The Bully Bandit (Credit: CBS)

‘Bully Bandit’ Strikes Again, This Time In Berwyn

The so-called “Bully Bandit,” who is suspected of robbing as many as eight banks since late November, struck again Monday morning when he hit a west suburban Chase bank branch.


The Bully Bandit (Credit: FBI)

‘Bully Bandit’ Robs Sixth Bank Since November

The so-called Bully Bandit, who has now robbed six banks since late November, struck again Tuesday afternoon when he walked into a bank on the Northwest Side, according to officials with the FBI’s Chicago office.


The suspect pictured here is suspected of at least four robberies. (Credit: FBI)

‘Bully Bandit’ Wanted In Several Bank Robberies

A bank robber known for his aggressive behavior is wanted for up to four heists around Chicago over a two-week period.