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Keidel: Incognito Can’t Defeat The Civilized World With Uncivilized Behavior

We should be disgusted by anyone who condones Incognito, excuses Incognito or ignores Incognito. We should be disgusted by anyone who blames Martin, teases Martin or trivializes Martin.


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Talking To Your Kids About Bullying

Being the victim of a relentless bully can be a distraction and even a danger to kids. As a parent, it is important to recognize the signs of bullying, know how to talk to your children about bullies and establish an appropriate reaction to a bully situation.


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Lawsuit: School Failed To Stop Violent Bully

A local elementary school student’s father is suing Chicago Public Schools because, he says, faculty failed to keep his son safe from a bully.

CBS Chicago–05/01/2012

Jason Padilla, a third-grader, says he has been repeatedly bullied at a Chicago public school. (CBS)

2 Investigators: Hearing-Impaired Student Bullied At School

A young boy with a disability says first he was bullied by some classmates and then a teacher allegedly joined in. CBS 2’s Dave Savini reports.



A new documentary by the Weinstein Company called “Bully” will soon be screened in Chicago, and will hit theaters next month.


Elisa Ramirez, 10, says she was repeatedly bullied by the same boy at school, but school officials did nothing and he eventually whipped her face with a jump rope handle. (Credit: CBS)

10-Year-Old Girl Says School Did Nothing To Stop Bully

A young girl was attacked in gym class and she said a school bully is to blame. Elisa Ramirez said the same boy has been bullying her for years, but this time he hit her hard in her face, narrowly avoiding a major eye injury. CBS 2’s Dave Savini discovered that, until he got involved, little was done to help Elisa.

CBS 2–02/21/2012

Two students fight when one is accused of bullying the other. (Credit: CBS)

Parents And Bullies: Taking A Stand Or Going Too Far?

A mother takes shocking action after she says her son is repeatedly bullied as she forces him to fight and it was all caught on tape.

CBS 2–05/18/2011