White Sox Fail To Get Big Hit Against TwinsSlumping outfielder Alex Rios snapped his bat over his knee after an eight-inning strikeout. Catcher A.J. Pierzynski broke a bat slamming it against the ground after an earlier strikeout. The Chicago White Sox are beyond frustrated with not driving in baserunners.
Bernstein: Watching The Sox Is TortureI wish I knew which train was carrying the dirty bomb. Trust me, I’d have told you. Nuclear launch codes? Sure. Um…Tango, Echo, five, seven, Foxtrot, seven, niner? No? Can I try again?
White Sox Lose To Twins... AgainCarl Pavano pitched a complete game and the White Sox lost their sixth straight game against the Minnesota Twins.
White Sox-Twins Postponed Due To RainTonight's game between the White Sox and Twins has been postponed due to storms in Minneapolis. It will not be made up this week.
Konerko, Buehrle Fight To The End

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