CBS 2 School: 'Destruktion' All AroundJapan will rebuild. The bigger question is will we?
CBS 2 School: Time For Show And TellIt is time for our quadrennial political game of Survivor. Right about now the contestants for this game will begin to line up.
CBS 2 School: Totem PolesThe Oscar for best picture has become over the years our collective totem pole. Year after year these cinematic creations carve new identities into our American psyche.
CBS 2 School: Yeltsin Or Putin?Our students recently asked what difference it makes if Rahm Emanuel wins the mayoral election today or in a runoff. We tried to answer with a rhetorical question invoking Russian politics.
CBS 2 School: See Mo’ GreenToday’s performers mean to do more than entertain. Sounds like they want to teach.
CBS 2 School: Super Prefix-ationWe Americans love anything that is super. We love to use the prefix “super.” It might be a collective fixation.
CBS 2 School: SOTU, Three Four...Tonight at the beginning of his State of the Union Address President Barack Obama will tell us, “The state of our union is strong.” He should thank people like Jack LaLanne.
CBS 2 School: Hu On TourPlenty of geopolitical prognosticators are using Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to the United States as another opportunity to dub the 21st century as belonging to China.
CBS 2 School: With Words We GovernDisraeli, noted English author and British Prime Minister, wrote: “With words we govern men.” Due to the recent tragedy in Tucson, we as a nation have had to assess our political speak.
CBS 2 School: We Resolve...For 2 political junkies, 2010 did not disappoint.
CBS 2 School: Just In TimeIt is time to draw closure to 2010. Who is our “Person of the Year”?
CBS 2 School: Re-cycled GiftsAfter getting a sneak peak under President Barack Obama’s Christmas tree, we hope he’s content with a shiny new tricycle this year. The 2 Teachers think it will be a fitting gift.

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