Angi: Can Hahn Make The White Sox Contenders At The Winter Meetings?Many people have been critical of what they perceive as Hahn’s decision to punt next season, but even though I tend to be more of a cynic than an optimist (especially when analyzing baseball deals) for some reason I’m inclined to give the Sox the benefit of the doubt for now.
Angi: Addressing The White Sox's Struggles At Third BaseI’m sure the White Sox have had the ambition of finding a franchise third baseman for years, but they’ve sure had a funny way of showing it.
Angi: Options For The White Sox Behind The PlateThe position is talent-poor, but it’s also essential to the White Sox's recovery.
Angi: Breaking Down Bill James' White Sox ProjectionsThese projections aren’t perfect, but they are illustrative and worth discussing
Angi: No Need For White Sox To Trade Adam DunnWith Dunn, you have to dig beyond his batting average to see his value at the plate.
Angi: What The Abreu Signing Means For The White SoxSigning Abreu shows that the organization is committed to turning its back on the past .
Angi: How The White Sox Should Handle Their Arbitration-Eligible PlayersThe White Sox will need to sign some free agents this season, and some of them might currently be on the roster.
Angi: Should The White Sox Sign Granderson? Granderson would be the first installment of what is, if you’re inclined to believe the sound bites, a three-year plan that involves more international spending, the draft, and mid-tier free agents instead of purchasing a team of superstars.
Angi: Is Girardi The Right Fit For The Cubs Now? Asking Girardi to manage the Cubs now is like asking Warren Buffett to manage a Waffle House.
Angi: White Sox Should Sell High With QuintanaThe White Sox have gotten a lot out of Jose Quintana. Should they cash-out now?
Angi: The Adam Dunn ConundrumHe’s going to be here next season, and the biggest challenge likely won’t be his batting average, but somehow getting him to overcome the mental block that’s he’s built when he’s just swinging the bat instead of wielding the glove.
Angi: Charting The White Sox' Offseason The trade deadline was just step one in a multi-tiered process, and the part that we can’t know yet is how the White Sox plan to behave this offseason.

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