Collective Bargaining

Gov. Bruce Rauner outlines his agenda after being sworn into office on Jan. 12, 2015, in Springfield, Illinois. Rauner is the first Republican governor in Illinois since 2003. (Credit: CBS)

Unions Sue Rauner Over Order Blocking “Fair Share” Dues

Illinois labor unions filed a lawsuit Thursday seeking to invalidate Gov. Bruce Rauner’s executive order ending a requirement that state workers pay union dues even if they don’t want to join a union.


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.  (Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Wisconsin Governor Open To Limiting Police, Fire Unions

Police and firefighters were not included in the 2011 law that barred other public sector unions from collectively bargaining over anything other than base wage increases no greater than inflation.


Walker, Barrett Support Signs

Caliendo: Wisconsin Recall Outcome Depends On Mobilization

Both Republicans and Democrats are watching the gubernatorial recall election in Wisconsin very closely, as it could have implications for the presidential race.

CBS 2–06/05/2012

Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (left) is up against Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (right) in his bid to avoid being recalled from office, in the wake of his successful push to essentially eliminate union bargaining rights for government workers in Wisconsin. (Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images and Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Wins Recall Election

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker survived a historic recall election on Tuesday, beating Democratic challenger and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in his bid to keep his job after his controversial fight with labor unions over collective bargaining rights.

CBS Chicago–06/05/2012

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Recall Election Ordered Against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

The elections board in Wisconsin has ordered a historic recall election against Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

CBS Chicago–03/30/2012

NBA Commissioner David Stern and Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver. (Photo by Steven Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images)

NBA, Players Meet For 15 Hours

NBA and players’ association representatives met for 15 hours Wednesday, and a published report says officials are hoping that a full season can be salvaged.

CBS Chicago–10/27/2011

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan

Madigan Seeks More Control For Lawmakers In Workers’ Collective Bargaining

State lawmakers would have more control in collective bargaining for state workers under a proposal introduced by Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago).

WBBM Newsradio–10/26/2011

Wisconsin Protest

Ind. Prosecutor Quits After E-Mails About Wis. Protesters

A lawsuit that led to the release of hundreds of e-mails to Wisconsin’s Gov. Scott Walker has resulted in the resignation of a prosecutor in Indiana.

CBS Chicago–03/25/2011

Wisconsin State Assembly Democrats

Judge Blocks Wisconsin Law Curbing Unions

A Wisconsin judge has temporarily blocked the new law restricting unions that led 14 state senators to Illinois for weeks to avoid a vote.

CBS Chicago–03/18/2011

Wisconsin State Assembly Democrats

Wisconsin Dems Who Hid Out In Illinois Can’t Vote

The Democratic senators are back and Gov. Scott Walker’s budget plan has passed, but there is more trouble brewing now in Wisconsin.

CBS Chicago–03/15/2011

Wisconsin Protest

Union Leaders Plan To Fight After Wisconsin Vote

Union leaders say they are mounting a major counter-attack against Republicans nationwide, after Wisconsin lawmakers succeeded in stripping nearly all collective bargaining rights.

CBS Chicago–03/11/2011

Wisconsin Protesters

Wisconsin Dems Furious Over Vote In Their Absence

The proposal to strip collective bargaining rights from state employees may have passed the Wisconsin senate, but the battle is far from over.

CBS Chicago–03/10/2011

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Walker Rejects Dems’ ‘Border Summit’ Idea

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is rejecting an offer by Democratic state senators to meet him at the Illinois-Wisconsin state line for a discussion ending the budget standoff.

CBS Chicago–03/08/2011

Wisconsin Protest

Wisconsin Senate Democrat Calls For ‘Border Summit’

The concept of a border summit might suggest an international relations discussion, or a meeting about the immigration debate.

CBS Chicago–03/07/2011

Wisconsin Democrats Lena Taylor and Chris Larson and Rev. Jesse Jackson

Wisconsin Democrats Say They’re Staying Away

The political standoff in Wisconsin didn’t appear any closer to ending on Saturday.

CBS Chicago–03/05/2011

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Walker To Dems: Come Back, Or Police May Make You

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican colleagues are threatening to send out police to detain and forcibly bring back the 14 absent Democratic state senators.

CBS Chicago–03/04/2011

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Walker To Present Budget In Wisconsin

Democratic Wisconsin senators are still hiding out in Illinois, as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker prepares to present a budget that strips collective bargaining rights from most public employees.

CBS Chicago–03/01/2011

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Walker To Wisconsin Dems: Come Back Now

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is warning Senate Democrats hiding out in Illinois that layoffs will happen if they don’t return to pass a budget bill by tomorrow.

CBS Chicago–02/28/2011

Wisconsin Protest

Wisconsin Assembly Passes Bill To Curb Unions

Republicans in the Wisconsin State Assembly moved swiftly and passed a bill by Gov. Scott Walker, which would strip collective bargaining rights for most state employees.

CBS Chicago–02/25/2011

Wisconsin Protest

Wisconsin Senate Trying To Get Democrats To Return

Wisconsin state patrol officers are being sent to the homes of several Democratic state senators, in hopes that they will come back for a vote on the controversial budget bill.

CBS Chicago–02/24/2011