Opinion: No, The Year-To-Year Rise In Law Enforcement Officer Deaths Isn't Because People Hate CopsWho knows, maybe there is a grand conspiracy to murder police officers. But you know what? The numbers provided by the FBI don’t come close to proving that. If you say otherwise, you are a liar.
'Kid Cop' Sentenced To Prison For Again Impersonating OfficerVincent Richardson pleaded guilty Thursday to false impersonation of a peace officer and Judge Lauren Gottainer Edidin sentenced him to 18 months in prison and issued a $454 fine.
Aurora Man Charged With Punching Cop To Avoid Pot Arrest A west suburban Aurora man was charged with aggravated battery of a police officer Wednesday afternoon after police attempted to chase down several men believed to be using marijuana, the Beacon News reports.
Cop Rescuer: 'I Just Jumped In'What started as a fun-run in the snow nearly turned tragic in Des Plaines yesterday. But it turned out to be a lucky day for a little boy who slipped into the river. CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez met the hero cop who saved him.
Man Charged With Breaking Into, Trying To Burglarize Cop’s Home An off-duty Chicago Police officer suffered a broken bone in one of his hands while struggling with a man who broke into the officer’s Wicker Park home on Friday and tried to burglarize it.
Northbrook Cop Charged With Burglary, Armed ViolenceA 12-year veteran of the Northbrook Police Department has been charged with armed violence and burglary stemming from an incident where he is alleged to have stolen jewelry from a home while investigating a report of an open door.
Walter's Perspective: Cop Blog Created Controversy Over City StickerCBS 2's Walter Jacobson comes to the defense of a 15-year-old Chicago student whose city sticker design was nixed this week amid controversy.
Man Charged In Wounding Of OfficerWilliam T. Wright, 20, has been charged with attempted murder for shooting a Chicago cop in the thigh during a chase Thursday night.
Rape Victim Flags Down Off-Duty CopA man was charged with sexually assaulting a woman who flagged down an off-duty police officer who said he was “in the right place at the right time’’.

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