Copper Wiring

Copper thieves ripped out copper wiring and cables from the power box at the back of the Paul Hall Community Center on June 10, 2012, leaving the building in the dark, and ruining food for the center's weekly food drive. (Credit: CBS)

Copper Thieves Leave Paul Hall Community Center In The Dark

A local charity that brings joy to the needy every holiday season has become the victim of robbery and sabotage.

CBS 2–06/13/2012

One day after the Tortorello family closed on the purchase of their Waukegan home, thieves stole thousands of dollars of copper wiring from inside. (Credit: CBS)

Copper Thefts On The Rise At Vacant Homes

Vacant homes, many of them under foreclosure, often still contain something so valuable inside, that thieves are breaking in to steal it.

CBS 2–06/29/2011

Thieves have made off with thousands of dollars' worth of copper wiring from street lights. (CBS)

UPDATE: Thieves Target East Lakeview Streetlights For Copper

As quickly as the city can put up new streetlights in Lakeview, thieves are pulling valuable copper wire from them.