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Gay Pride Parade To Be Rerouted Into Uptown

Following reports of major crowd control problems at the Gay Pride Parade this past summer, the City of Chicago has decided to move the start of the parade north to Uptown and push up its start time by two hours.

CBS Chicago–10/05/2011

Pride Parade Crowd

Could Crowd Problems Lead To Route Change For Pride Parade?

Reports say an estimated 750,000 people attended the Gay Pride Parade this past weekend, but with the record crowd came reports of major crowd-control problems and even discussion of changing the route.

CBS Chicago–06/28/2011

Workers scrambled to replace 102 tires on 51 floats for the 42nd Annual Pride Parade after vandals punctured tires on 51 floats. (Credit: CBS)

Was Vandalism Of Pride Parade Floats A Hate Crime?

Was the vandalism of 51 floats for the Gay Pride Parade this past weekend a hate crime?

CBS Chicago–06/27/2011

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Emanuel: Heat-Related Illness Forced North Avenue Beach Shutdown

Was it fear of a violent flash mob, heat sickness, or just too many people? The search for answers continues this morning about why North Avenue Beach was shut down on Memorial Day.

CBS Chicago–05/31/2011