Daniel I. Dorfman

Terrelle Pryor

Dorfman: College Sports Scandals: We All Deserve Some Blame

These past few years on fall Saturday afternoons, I’ve found myself watching Ohio State football knowing the athletes in Columbus, Ohio represented the best college had to offer.

670 The Score–06/08/2011

Adam Dunn

Dorfman: 60 Million Reasons To Shout

I have no idea what it would be like to have $60 million and I doubt I ever will. But I couldn’t help but think of that figure on Sunday while watching the local baseball teams.

670 The Score–06/06/2011

Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade

Dorfman: Heat Lose, We All Win

There is a reason we love sports. The drama, the athleticism, the unpredictability. But every so often we get a chance to watch a truly loathsome team lose a game they never should have and no matter the victor, we all enjoy the spoils.

670 The Score–06/03/2011

John Danks

Dorfman: Legends to Danks: You’ll Get Through It

All pitchers struggle at times. Even the great ones. With the train wreck of a season John Danks is having with his 0-8 start, what are the options out there for him to get back on track?

670 The Score–06/01/2011

Ozzie Guillen

Dorfman: White Sox Baseball: It’s Getting Ugly Out There

One of the really dangerous things to do is declare a baseball season over on Memorial Day.

670 The Score–05/30/2011

Adam Dunn and Carlos Boozer

Dorfman: Is Chicago Dunn In With Boozer?

Chicago, like any city, has seen its share of free agent disasters through the years. Bryan Cox, Eddie Robinson, Danny Jackson all come to mind. But how often do you get to see on one night two acquisitions that as of now look like colossal screwups?

670 The Score–05/27/2011

Barry Bonds

Dorfman: When Generosity Looks Weird

There is something unseemly, maybe even Scrooge-like, when what seems like a very nice gesture is met with the question “what is the ulterior motive?” But when Barry Bonds or anyone else with a bad PR image is involved, that’s what happens.

670 The Score–05/26/2011

Gabe Carimi

Dorfman: As Lockout Continues, Carimi Waits And Wonders

Imagine being one of the best in your craft and getting a new job that will allow you to show off your skills to a huge audience. But before your first day, there is no job to go to and you are not sure when that position will be active again.

670 The Score–05/24/2011

A.J. Pierzynski and Kosuke Fukudome

Dorfman: For Interleague Play, Too Much Is Not A Good Thing

Tonight we start what is now the annual ritual of baseball known as interleague play. At this point the feeling about these games is roughly the same as going to the annual family outing with relatives who are not particularly liked.

670 The Score–05/20/2011

Rahm Emanuel and Benny the Bull

Dorfman: Rahm Inaugurates Bulls Celebration

On Monday, Chicago will have its first new mayor in 22 years. The highlight of the day will likely be Rahm Emanuel’s speech that he will give shortly after being sworn in. I doubt he will make this address, but it would be fun if he did.

670 The Score–05/16/2011

Albert Pujols

Dorfman: Let’s Stop Embracing Nonsense

Last weekend I was out of town visiting some friends and I was wrapping up the trip and saying goodbye, I gave a couple of my buddies a hug. Good thing we are not in Major League Baseball or this might have turned out to be a big deal.

670 The Score–05/13/2011

Pat Fitzgerald

Dorfman: Fitz Is In Place, Now Time To Build Around Him

Northwestern made the right move on Tuesday by extending Pat Fitzgerald’s contract through 2020. Now they have to follow up and get Fitzgerald, as well as the rest of Wildcat athletics, better facilites.

670 The Score–05/11/2011

Phil Jackson

Dorfman: Jackson’s Exit Was Sad To Watch

Seemingly every year there is a discussion about an athlete who stayed around one year too long. Willie Mays, Ken Griffey Jr. and Brett Favre are examples that come to mind.

670 The Score–05/09/2011

Rashard Mendenhall

Dorfman: Athletes Have A Right To Speak, We Don’t Have To Listen

Some in the sports world and beyond have been in a furor this week because of Rashard Mendenhall’s tweets about the death of Osama bin Laden and his accompanying questioning of what actually happened on September 11, 2001.

670 The Score–05/06/2011

Matt Forte

Dorfman: Bears, Ravens Should Trade Away From This Silliness

Every so often all sides can claim to be right on an issue and there is evidence to support each claim. Then we have situations where everyone goes out of their way to look ridiculous.

670 The Score–05/02/2011

Derrick Rose

Dorfman: A Look At This Week’s Biggest Night Ever In Chicago Sports

There were many questions heading into latest version of the biggest day in Chicago sports.

670 The Score–04/27/2011

Bud Selig

Dorfman: Fair Or Foul, On The Field And Off

Don Dillard is 93 years old. He played parts of six seasons in Major League Baseball with the Indians and Braves. Yesterday he got some good news, he will receive an annual payment of up to $10,000 for his time in baseball

670 The Score–04/22/2011

Old and new Comiskey Park

Dorfman: Ugly Start Leads To Different Era Of White Sox Baseball

On April 18, 1991, the White Sox were coming off a successful 6-1 road trip to start the season. Moreover, they were just a few months removed from a 94 win campaign when they challenged Oakland for the AL West crown.

670 The Score–04/20/2011

U.S. Cellular Field

Dorfman: 20 Years Of New Ballpark And New Era For White Sox

Twenty years ago today President George W. Bush was basking in high approval ratings following the first Gulf War, Cheers was the popular TV show in the land, and a new era started for the Chicago White Sox.

670 The Score–04/18/2011

Alexei Ramirez

Dorfman: Replay Proposal Makes Instant Sense

Common sense and baseball sometimes can be contradictory phrase. But once in a while, the sport manages to get something right, or at least correct a longstanding wrong.

670 The Score–04/15/2011