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Sean O'Donnell

New Blackhawk O’Donnell: ‘I’m Not A Finesse Guy’

One of the major criticisms of the Chicago Blackhawks last season was a lack of grit and toughness, especially among the defenseman. And judging by the free agent signings of general manager Stan Bowman, that need has been addressed.

670 The Score–07/15/2011

Olin Kreutz

Arkush: Failing To Sign Kreutz Would Be ‘Biggest Mistake They’ve Ever Made’

Optimistic reports about the NFL Lockout have started to come in with more frequency over the previous few days, leading most to believe that a deal will be reached soon. Once that deal is reached, the Bears will have another big negotiation.

670 The Score–07/15/2011

Chicago White Sox v Chicago Cubs  (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)

Mac And Spiegs Today: How Baseball Blew It’s Chance

The NBA Finals concluded June 12th, 2 weeks after the Bulls bowed out against the Miami Heat. The Blackhawks were eliminated in May, and then the Stanley Cup Finals ended on June 14th.


Brett Jackson

Brenly: Even With Lost Season, Cubs Can’t Rush Prospects

The Cubs have the second worst record in baseball, and haven’t really been in the NL Central race since back in May. The assumption is that sooner rather than later the team would begin calling up some of it’s prospects.

670 The Score–07/14/2011

Adam Dunn

AL Central Could Become ‘Four-Team Race’ With Dunn Resurgence

The Chicago White Sox will have a little more time off before they resume play on Friday against the Detroit Tigers. It’ll be a series that will hopefully showcase a different Adam Dunn than was seen in the first half, because they need it to.

670 The Score–07/13/2011

Johnny Knox

Florio: No Evidence To Suggest NFL Deal Isn’t Close

Over the course of the 120 days of the NFL Lockout, conflicting media reports have surfaced several times per week indicating that an end was either on the horizon, or that preseason games would be missed.

670 The Score–07/13/2011

Derrick Rose

After Game 5 Loss, Rose ‘Cut Himself Off From The Outside World’

For most fans, the pain of the Chicago Bulls losing to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals in May has long since subsided. But for Derrick Rose, getting over the 2010-11 season hasn’t been a quick process.

670 The Score–07/12/2011

Chicago Bears Fans

Arkush: NFL And Players Still Have A Lot To Agree On

Due to the gag order placed on the negotiating teams for the NFL and the players, the only information coming out to the public has been through reporters.

670 The Score–07/11/2011

Chicago Cubs Helmet

Cubs’ Draft Reputation Is A ‘Little Below Average’

The Cubs’ lone representative in Sunday’s MLB Futures game was Matt Szczur, an outfielder playing for the team’s Single-A affiliate. Szczur is one of a few Cubs draft picks who appears to be showing promise, highlighting an organizational weakness.

670 The Score–07/11/2011

Roger Goodell

Arkush: Players Think Goodell Is A ‘Joke’

Roger Goodell heard a healthy amount of boos when he took to the podium during April’s NFL Draft. So it’s pretty clear what the fans think of the commissioner. But what do the players and owner think of him?

670 The Score–07/11/2011

Kenny Williams

Cowley: ‘Bizarre Decisions’ Have Been Made By Williams

As the White Sox continue to struggle through the season, a lot of discussion has started as to where the blame should fall. Recent comments by Ozzie Guillen and Ken Williams make it sound like they feel the other is to blame.

670 The Score–07/10/2011

Jay Cutler

Video Games Look To Fill The Void If NFL Games Are Missed

With the length of the NFL season still uncertain, and an NFL Lockout well over 100 days, many football fans are beginning to crave a football fix that they haven’t had since the Super Bowl.

670 The Score–07/10/2011

Aramis Ramirez

Kasper: Position Needs For Cubs In 2012

Regardless of any trades the Chicago Cubs make this season, the organization will likely have a few holes to fill going into 2012 as a result of expiring contracts.

670 The Score–07/09/2011

Peyton Manning

Fantasy Football Drafts Might Emphasize Safety Over Upside

One of the less talked about results of the NFL Lockout has been the negative impact on the fantasy football industry, and for those trying to prepare their fantasy team for the season.

670 The Score–07/09/2011

Lovie Smith

Bears Should Have Multiple Training Camp Formats Ready

The NFL Lockout has now lasted 115 days, and still, the fate of training camp, preseason and the regular season are uncertain. The one thing that the work stoppage has given teams, is the time to prepare themselves for handling the resumption of football.

670 The Score–07/08/2011

Chicago Cubs Helmet

Kasper: Many Questions Surround Potential Cubs Trades

With the second-worst record in baseball, the Chicago Cubs don’t really have a realistic chance of making the postseason.

670 The Score–07/07/2011

Adam Dunn

Ed Farmer: Dunn Could Hit ’30 Home Runs’ This Season

A lot of things were expected of Adam Dunn when he signed a big offseason contract with the Chicago White Sox. For starters, he was expected to hit a lot of home runs and help carry the White Sox to the postseason.

670 The Score–07/07/2011

Phil Humber

Pitching Can Keep White Sox Alive

Outside of Paul Konerko and his .324 batting average, 22 home runs, 64 RBI and 100 hits, the White Sox offense hasn’t seen much success this season.

670 The Score–07/06/2011

Adam Dunn

Melton: ‘Too Early’ To Declare Dunn Out Of Slump

The White Sox may have won on a balk on Monday night to get back to .500, but the talk on Tuesday is revolving around Adam Dunn, and his encouraging night at the plate.

670 The Score–07/05/2011

Kenny Williams

Cowley: Williams Needs To Find A Plan For White Sox

Before this season, the Chicago White Sox did something uncharacteristic to the organization, they went out and spent a lot of money to make themselves a contender.

670 The Score–07/03/2011