Dave Duerson

Dave Duerson

Duerson Family Plans To Challenge NFL Concussion Settlement

Thomas Demetrio, an attorney for the family of late Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson, objects to the exclusion of future awards for CTE, the brain trauma that some call “the signature disease of football.” Lawyers involved in the settlement say an appeal could hold up payments to thousands of players.


Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon talks about the effects concussions have had on his health, including dementia and severe migraines, which led to thoughts of suicide. (Credit: Mike Krauser/CBS)

McMahon: ‘I Wouldn’t Be Here’ If I Kept Guns At Home

Former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon was in Chicago on Tuesday ahead of the Sports Legacy Institute’s first annual Chicago gala Wednesday evening, when he’ll be honored for becoming a public face of concussions in the NFL.


Jovan Belcher.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Bernstein: Belcher Tragedy Has No Bigger Meaning

It makes us feel better when we can determine direct causes, identify means of prevention of similar acts, or categorize those involved as somehow different, distant or foreign.

CBS Chicago–12/05/2012

Dave Duerson

Duerson Family Donates Concussion Test Kits To High Schools

Former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson took his life in 2011 after suffering years of concussion symptoms. Now his family is donating concussion testing kits to the Chicago Public School District.


Junior Seau. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Wisch: Would You Let Your Son Play Football?

When the news of Junior Seau’s tragic death by apparent suicide broke on Wednesday afternoon, the tweets about the potential perils of playing pigskin started flowing soon after.

CBS Chicago–05/03/2012

Dave Duerson

Duerson’s Family Creates Safety Program For Indiana School Athletes

The family and friends of the late Dave Duerson, who spent seven seasons with the Chicago Bears, have created a program to help Muncie, Ind., high school and middle school athletes who suffer head injuries.

CBS Chicago–04/02/2012

Dave Duerson

Report: Dave Duerson’s Assets Were Worth $19,500 At Death

The tragic story of former Bear Dave Duerson’s suicide took an interesting turn Wednesday, when reports showed the two-time Super Bowl champion was deep into bankruptcy filings.

670 The Score–03/07/2012

Dave Duerson

Duerson’s Family Claims NFL Covered Up Concussion Dangers

The family of former Chicago Bears player Dave Duerson said Thursday that the Super Bowl champion would still be alive today, if not what they claim was an NFL conspiracy to cover up the dangers of concussions.

CBS Chicago–02/23/2012

Brain Scan

Concussions A Risk For Kids In All Types Of Sports

The latest research shows repeated head trauma can cause irreparable brain disease. As CBS 2’s Rob Johnson reports, for parents whose kids are active, this can be extremely troubling, especially when you consider that almost any sport can leave your child with a concussion.

CBS 2–02/14/2012

Walter Payton

Bernstein: Don’t Fear Facts Of Payton’s Life

It’s not a biographer’s job to make you feel good. Apparently, author Jeff Pearlman has succeeded in angering a sizable number of naïve Chicagoans and Bears fans, based on early response to his new book.

CBS Chicago–09/28/2011

Dave Duerson

Report: Duerson Might Not Have Qualified For Disability Award

Former Bear Dave Duerson’s degenerative brain injuries might not even have qualified for benefit under the NFL disability plan he himself helped create, according to a published report.

CBS Chicago–05/05/2011

Dave Duerson

Study: Duerson Had Brain Damage At Time Of Suicide

Former Chicago Bear Dave Duerson had brain damage when he committed suicide in February, according to the Boston University center that studies brain injuries to professional athletes.

CBS Chicago–05/02/2011

Dave Duerson

Bernstein: Duerson News Won’t Change Anything

I wish I could agree with Rick Telander of the Chicago Sun Times. Really.

670 The Score–05/02/2011

Dave Duerson

Autopsy Results To Be Released For Duerson’s Brain

Researchers from Boston University are set to announce autopsy results this morning for former Chicago Bear Dave Duerson, who committed suicide in February.

CBS Chicago–05/02/2011


Magazine Calls 1985 Bears’ Health ‘Sad News’

The medical tragedies that have befallen several members the fabled 1985 Bears have prompted a Canadian news magazine to deem the team the “sad news Bears.”


Bob Probert

Thompson: More Head Trauma

Progress is being made regarding head trauma and concussions in sports, it’s just taken longer than it should.


Dave Duerson Funeral

Family, Friends Mourn Ex-Bear Duerson

Relatives and friends of former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson were paying their respects at his funeral at a South Side church on Saturday.

CBS Chicago–02/26/2011

Student athlete Jay Camper has suffered concussions while playing hockey. (CBS)

Duerson’s Gift Could Benefit Young Athletes

Dave Duerson’s decision to donate his brain for research will particularly help young athletes who are the most vulnerable to play-related injuries.


Dave Duerson

Duerson Never Thought He’d See 43-Years Old

The tragic death of former Chicago Bear Dave Duerson sent shock waves through the Bears family and its fans. The details that followed his death have raised more questions than can be answered.

670 The Score–02/25/2011

Roger Goodell

NFL Wants State Concussion Laws

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he wants to change the “culture of football” with respect to player safety. His next push in achieving this is to convince government to pass new laws in order to spread that safety on the field to our youth.