David Boies

Roger Goodell at the 2010 NFL Draft

Bernstein: NFL Having It Both Ways

I have to hand it to the NFL. Few organizations could publicly promote their immediate future with such fanfare and grandiosity while simultaneously insisting none of it will ever happen if they don’t want it to.

670 The Score–04/21/2011

DeMaurice Smith

UPDATED: Judge Says Lockout Ruling Could Take ‘A Couple Of Weeks’

The NFL players and the owners have officially taken their labor disagreement to court.


David Boies

Former Gore Lawyer And Former Solicitor General Joining NFL Legal Team

To defend itself in the antitrust lawsuit filed by ten players, the NFL brought on two more members to it’s legal team. The two men are the lawyer that represented Al Gore and a ormer U.S. Solicitor General.