Disabled Woman Claims Delta Airlines Tied Her To A WheelchairA woman with multiple sclerosis says Delta employees tied her to a wheelchair after the airline failed to provide the flyer with the appropriate handicapped services
Delta: Bird Likely Caused Damage To Plane Carrying Oklahoma City ThunderThe Boeing 757-200 landed safely without incident at Chicago's Midway International Airport.
Get Bumped Off Delta Flight, You Might Get Up To $10,000It comes on the heels of those disturbing videos showing a United passenger’s forced removed from a full flight at O’Hare last weekend.
Delta Airlines Bans Passenger After His Pro-Trump Comments On PlaneDelta Air Lines is banning for life a passenger who rudely professed his support for Republican President-elect Donald Trump.
FAA: Two Planes At Midway Began Takeoffs At Same TimeThe FAA is investigating an incident that happened Tuesday at Chicago’s Midway Airport where two planes nearly tried to take-off on intersecting runway at the same time.
Reclining Seat Disputes Prompting Cases Of Air Rage What would you do if you were on a flight and a passenger either reclined their seat into your knees or tried to prevent you from reclining your seat?
Crews Quarantine Delta Airliner At Midway--For Passenger With Bug Bites A suspected medical problem with a passenger on a Delta Airlines flight led emergency crews to quarantine the plane at Midway Airport on Thursday.

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